It Won’t Suck Itself

Last weeks(?) have been mental. I’ve spent more time in the stable than I have ever done since Pickles went away, and along that I’ve been studying like Idontevenknowwhat. The scary part is that Steel Panther is just around the corner, next week to be precise! That scares me. All should be booked for that, yet time moves too fucking fast.

I haven’t gotten tickets for the HammerFall show in Karlstad even though I should, but my main priority before that show is Stala&SO., cause I may love HammerFall but I love Stala&SO. a bit more. And S&S happening in Sweden just don’t. They just don’t.

Tomorrow I’m heading downtown with Michelle for some last minute shopping for SP and a meal. Good break in all this madness. Now I shall keep reding “Music and Cyberliberites”, our current schoolbook. I would actually like to recommend this to book to anyone interested in the musicindustry. I like it very so much!

// Sara

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