It’s time to use your mouth…

Having the Steel Panther tickets and CD’s infront of me pretty much helps getting “It Won’t Suck Itself” stuck in your brain. I can’t believe its only a matter of days left until we take off! I’m starting to get a little nervous and worried as I tend to do right before something like this, and as pretty much any other girls I still don’t know what the heck to wear for one of the shows. I have a set “outift” for one of the shows but not the next… Damn it. Need to figure something out.

The day has been spent in the stable mainly and doing some other bookings. Seriously, seems like all my life is about booking, planning and travelling at the moment… and it kinda is. And that’s only because concerts have a sick tendency of always ending up at the same time of the year. We have six concerts to do on three weeks. Seriously. Here we’ve been, two months without ONE SINGLE concert, and now there are six. On three weeks. Seriously concerts, go fuck yourselves. You are making our lives very, very hard. Especially if you try having a life in between this.

But I’m looking forward so much it’s not even funny. It’s Steel Panther again, and I guess it’s like they say, third time’s the charm. FINALLY a “proper” show with Steel Panther. Or what I mean is, it will be a show when I’m a fan and where I’ll be “close” to the band, somewhat at least, and I’ll know every word to every song. Almost. Lets say I do.

Alright. The tiredness is taking over here, time for pancakes, Hercules and Hunchback songbook before I go to bed. Tomorrow downtown and stable once again, awaits. SEE, this is what happens. When no concerts occur, you just spend more time in the stable. I can’t say I complain, but you know. It’s kinda… hilarious somewhat. Since it was the concerts that dragged me away from there before in the first place.

// Sara

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