Off H.E.A.T’s new record which I’m currently reviewing. May be one of the absolute best songs on this album.

The sad part about this, is that I somewhat lose my spark TOO EASY. I get a “writing-block” or how to call it, when I just have no clue what to write whatsoever. I try to read various books (read: Music & Cyberliberites, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Handbook of New Media…) but without finding any inspiration. May be because I easily drift away. It’s the same when I sit down and read just HoND. If it’s too many difficult names at the time (which it tends to be so far in the book) or nothing that really catches my attention, I tend to drift away in my mind thinking about other stuff. Like the jacket I want or the festivalsummer or my plannings or whatever really. Then a familiar name such as Gringoire, the play, Jehan or Trouillefou gets me back on track for a second and then I’m drifting again. That’s why I tend to only read a little bit at the time. So I don’t lose the whole thing, you know.

Also, we did the selection for Eurovision tonight. I haven’t blogged about it at all, but as I suspected, Loreen would win. And she well deserves it in my opinion. My personal favourites was Top Cats, but I’m well pleased with Loreen too.

Alright. It’s getting late and the record is running without me keeping a… record on it. Lol.

NP: It’s All About Tonight – H.E.A.T
// Sara

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