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Mark my words, Gypsy!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 29, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yeah. I have these odd (Hunchback-related titles) for one reason. And that reason is, I don’t have any sound on my computer. This enables me to listen to music, or well, technically it doesn’t, since I got an iPod, BUT, I don’t really like just SITTING with my iPod so yeah. No music! And this forces me to come up with titles. Of which I suck. So I use the first line that comes to me. And for God knows what reason, Frollo’s words to Esmeralda was the first.

On Monday I did however meet up with Cornelia again, it was a long time no see. But how glad was I to see her! We had a great time. Today I’ve spent most of my time in the stables, a lot of theory. Both courses in leadership, theory lesson for youngsters and wrapped it up with crashing Emelie’s ridinggroups theory. (Crashing in the term of showing up uninvited)

BUT. After long waiting… this beauties finally arrived in my mailbox.

First off, it’s the original (translated) novel, “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” (Or Notre-Dame de Paris as the original title is) by Victor Hugo. I was so looking forward to get it it’s not even funny. I also opened a random page and the first name I saw was “Clopin Trouillefou”. That’s what I call faith. I also started reading it a bit, and I can barely put it away! I have to make sure to take a day off when I just sit down to read it.

The other book is a songbook from the Disney movie. And… I had very little expectations on this one, as it said on the site that it included the lyrics to all the songs, and since I figured it’d have nice pictures, why the hell not. And it wasn’t expensive. But when I opened the book, I was greeted with this lovely sight

Seriously. I fangirled just a little… No just kidding, I end up even MORE excited over this one than the novel. As I have been struggling to play these songs! No these particular, or well, I’ve torn my hair over CoM, but any of these songs! And now I have them PERFECTLY arranged in this book! Finally. Finallyfinallyfinallyfinally!

So excuse me for a while. I’m gonna head over to my piano as I’ve named Forte to make some music float in this silent house. Or at least it’ll be noise. Next songbook to be ordered after this is definitely Hercules. If it exists. I’ll see about that.

But first. Hotelbooking and Schoolbook purchasing.

// Sara

Be Our Guest

Posted in Uncategorized on February 27, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Love the gaps I have. But honestly, I don’t have much to blog about! And that’s making it a bit difficult. Maybe I should try finish off the Hunchback comparison, but I’ll do that later this week.

The good part though is that we’ve finally, or soon at least, reached March. Which means, the concert-inferno starts. Steel Panther times two, HammerFall times one and Stala&SO. times three, and that in SWEDEN, mark my words! I can still not believe that is actually happening.

Tomorrow I’m about to head downtown together with Cornelia, which is a true long time no see! Will be great meeting up with her again. But that’s tomorrow. Right now Mickey’s House of Villains is coming up.

I love crossovers. You know when characters from different films get together, and I took a serious interest in it yesterday when I got hooked on the line “Maleficent being on a date with Jafar” and took a sneakpeak on House of Mouse. Then I finally found HoV, so that’s up now. God bless YouTube.

// Sara

Le Jour D’Amour

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on February 22, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Haven’t been blogging since the bad news but I guess I’ll be getting back on track now.

Hunchback of Notre Dame is as usual running on the television, not the sequel as my headline indicates, but the first one actually. I had a Disney weekend with Michelle and many more to come. We managed to go through Hercules, Mulan, Notre Dame (1, 2), Tarzan, The Prince of Egypt, Aladdin -The Return of Jafar – King of Theieves, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story (1,2), Treasue Planet, Basil of Baker Street (?), A Bugs Life.

Finally the Steel Panther-Denmark trip is done, I found a train which was cheaper than the bus home from Stockholm, so we got a pretty darn cheap soloution for that. As soon as I get my pay, I’ll finish the booking of hotels and shit. And then start booking Stala&SO trip. Always something coming, but I fucking love it!

We also just planned another festival this summer in Finland in July, Lordi was confirmed to play there, so we are most likely going. We just want to make sure first that Lordi is really playing. Now I shall finish this thing, because Court of Miracles is coming up on the TV, and I just can’t miss out on the hot gypsyking.

NP: A Guy Like You – Hunchback Of Notre Dame
// Sara
(Picture source:

EDIT: HAHAHA. I didn’t realize! I started to write this five hours before I published it, and I didn’t realize ’til now that the picture at the end goes together with the title! Didn’t think of the fact I had LJD’A as title, just posted it because CoM was coming up.. HAHAHA…. Oh my. 

Rest in Peace, Tonmi ‘Otus’ Lillman

Posted in Uncategorized on February 15, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today it’s February 15th. Lordi’s Facebook page should be filled with birthday wishes, since it’s Mr Lordi’s birthday today. But this is not the case, due to some unexpected and extremly sad circumstances.

We learnt this morning that our very beloved drummer Otus, or Tonmi Lillman, has passed away at an age of 38.

I don’t… really know what to say here. For the first, it took me a while to “get used to him” in the band. But you know, eventually I did and in Paris 2010 I got to meet him. He seemed a bit shy, but yet kind. Didn’t say much to him, but it’s the impression I got. I, and I guess we all were, looking forward to see what he could contribute to the band. We were all looking forward to hear what an album would sound like with him… but…. No.

The most disturbing part is how final it is. Death. When a bandmember leaves, you can always “blame” the band, or someone in the band. You can direct your anger and sadness towards someone and say it’s their fault, it’s their fault he or she ain’t in the band anymore. But death doesn’t work that way. It’s no ones fault… it’s destiny, I guess you could call it. My thoughts goes out to his family and close friends, and also to his fans.

I think we should do like we did when Kita left the band, that anyone who reads this will comment a great memory they had with him. Wheter you met him or not, just write something that you will remember about him, give you happy memories. In times like this, we need to focus on the good memories he brought us.

Rest In Peace, Lizard-Butcher-Whatever you were. We will always love you. Thanks for the memories.

// Sara

Of course. Happy Birthday, Mr Lordi!

Och Claude Frollo ville rensa bort all synd och skam…

Posted in Uncategorized on February 5, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yes, honestly, that’s the song and the line stuck in my head right now….

Why is that? WHY? What are the reason? WHAT? How did it happen? HOW? Aesj sush! Ouch….

Saw what I did there? Ha ha ha ha!.

No but it’s actually because I’m currently, totally unplanned, ended  up watching The Hunchback Of Notre Dame from 1939. I’m still watching it, just taking a little refreshing break not to fall asleep. No, the film isn’t boring, it’s quite interesting actually, but I’ve slept like what, 2½ hours the last 24 hous so… So I’d probably even sleep through the Disney Court Of Miracles, no matter how much I love it.

I’m not gonna tell you so much more about this film just yet, mainly because you know I haven’t finished it, and also I figured I could talk about it tomorrow, and put some effort in it. I’m gonna twist and turn it, so I hope you’ll be able to keep up.

However. Recently, I, totally unexpected actually, came across notesheets for all the Hunchback of Notre Dame songs. I wasn’t even looking, I was on a site for midifiles and all of a sudden there were notes… So I was about to get my toypiano that I always use when I find new tones, mark though, I’m _not_ a trained pianoplayer at all, all I can do is so called “fingerplaying”. I know how to ‘count’ to get the chords, but I don’t know how to use it, so don’t take me for a pianoplayer just because I use it occasionally, okay?

So either way, I went to look for it. For this special occasion, I had actually managed to find just FLUTE notes for the songs, and as I looked through the wardrobe upstairs for the piano (which I thought I had put there) I thought to myself how epic it would’ve been if I still had my flute. You see, my dad sold it, he said.

But as I looked… I saw a black box. A familiar box. And I need only touch it to realize what it was. One touch, to feel the hard, engraved plastic. When I grabbed it, and felt the heaviness, pulling it out to see the engraved and silverpainted “Armstrong”… I swear. I shed a couple of tears. My flute. My both hated and loved, flute.

I thought it was gone… but now it’s back. It is a joyus moment. So now, I just sit and practice “Court Of Miracles” like a maniac on the piano to make sure I know the notes before I even try it on with my flute. It’s been a few years, you know.

Alright. The last 40-50 minutes of Hunchback awaits, so I shall return to my cheesedoodles!

// Sara

I Won’t Say I’m In Love

Posted in Uncategorized on February 1, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

It’s my favourite song off the Hercules movie, you know the ones Megara sings? Epic stuff.

Actually, I’m gonna talk a little tiny bit about Disney right now. Covering a lot of VHS:es the last days I’ve picked up that I got three major favourites. First off, obviously, is the Hunchback of Notre Dame, which should come as no surprise to you. Together with that one comes Aladdin and Hercules. Sadly, not alot of people around me seem to have seen these (at least not in its fullest), and aren’t quite aware of them. (Spoileralert beneath)

But there is one thing I wonder. What’s the deal with The Lion King? EVERYONE (I come across) seems to love it to pieces! Sure – it’s fine, it is, good music and blabla, I’m not saying I dislike it, but WHAT is it about it, that makes SO MANY love it so badly? As far as I remember, isn’t it basically a new lion being born, he gets lost, Timon&Pumba fins him, Nala finds him, Mufasa dies somewhere along, Simba wants to be king and then he finds his way back and he kills Scar and then they get a babychild? Something like that? It’s possible I forgot some event (Like I had forgotten Court Of Miracles uhuh)

 So, could some Lion King fan explain this to me? What is so awesome and good about this story? And please do it a bit more accurate than “It’s so good music” because I don’t really accept that for a reason for the movie to be SO GREAT. So if anyone can give me a GOOD and ACCURATE explanation, I’d appriciate it. A LOT. And yes, I’m ready to do the same for at least HoND (Since that’s my No.1)


// Sara