Rest in Peace, Tonmi ‘Otus’ Lillman

Today it’s February 15th. Lordi’s Facebook page should be filled with birthday wishes, since it’s Mr Lordi’s birthday today. But this is not the case, due to some unexpected and extremly sad circumstances.

We learnt this morning that our very beloved drummer Otus, or Tonmi Lillman, has passed away at an age of 38.

I don’t… really know what to say here. For the first, it took me a while to “get used to him” in the band. But you know, eventually I did and in Paris 2010 I got to meet him. He seemed a bit shy, but yet kind. Didn’t say much to him, but it’s the impression I got. I, and I guess we all were, looking forward to see what he could contribute to the band. We were all looking forward to hear what an album would sound like with him… but…. No.

The most disturbing part is how final it is. Death. When a bandmember leaves, you can always “blame” the band, or someone in the band. You can direct your anger and sadness towards someone and say it’s their fault, it’s their fault he or she ain’t in the band anymore. But death doesn’t work that way. It’s no ones fault… it’s destiny, I guess you could call it. My thoughts goes out to his family and close friends, and also to his fans.

I think we should do like we did when Kita left the band, that anyone who reads this will comment a great memory they had with him. Wheter you met him or not, just write something that you will remember about him, give you happy memories. In times like this, we need to focus on the good memories he brought us.

Rest In Peace, Lizard-Butcher-Whatever you were. We will always love you. Thanks for the memories.

// Sara

Of course. Happy Birthday, Mr Lordi!

3 Responses to “Rest in Peace, Tonmi ‘Otus’ Lillman”

  1. Dear Otus, what can I say? I never really got to know you, yet you did take a place in my heart. I will never forget the fist moment I saw you, behind the stage in Lichtenfels right before you were going to sweap the whole of Germany of it’s feet. You will always be remebered.
    Give your life for rock and roll, your soul shall live on! ❤

  2. Well written, touching post… It’s still shocking, it was all so sudden. I was eagerly waiting for, as we all were, the forthcoming album and how Otus would have contributed on it, what he would have brought to it and so on. Didn’t meet him once, didn’t see him live, but I just watched his interview from 2003 (link below) and he really seemed like a super nice guy. I wish a lot of strength to the band and all the relatives and friends of Tonmi, this is so shocking. Rest in peace.

  3. I had Sinergy – To Hell and Back CD before he joined with Lordi, so I was accustomized with his style before and it took me pretty fast to “take” him to the band as a fan.
    But I never didn’t meet him, so I didn’t talk him (first and last time he passed me in hotel in Lichtenfels). I loved his drum solos, especially the jam with Ox was fabulous in Helsinki, Virgin Oil gig, and that’s what I remember him for. He created his own imago with his drumming style and the one Lordi needed after Kita left.
    I will keep on rockin’, as you wrote on my poster, and I still keep it framed on my wall, whenever you’re left or not.
    If an illness is too serious, then you just rest and sleep and you never wake up.

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