I Won’t Say I’m In Love

It’s my favourite song off the Hercules movie, you know the ones Megara sings? Epic stuff.

Actually, I’m gonna talk a little tiny bit about Disney right now. Covering a lot of VHS:es the last days I’ve picked up that I got three major favourites. First off, obviously, is the Hunchback of Notre Dame, which should come as no surprise to you. Together with that one comes Aladdin and Hercules. Sadly, not alot of people around me seem to have seen these (at least not in its fullest), and aren’t quite aware of them. (Spoileralert beneath)

But there is one thing I wonder. What’s the deal with The Lion King? EVERYONE (I come across) seems to love it to pieces! Sure – it’s fine, it is, good music and blabla, I’m not saying I dislike it, but WHAT is it about it, that makes SO MANY love it so badly? As far as I remember, isn’t it basically a new lion being born, he gets lost, Timon&Pumba fins him, Nala finds him, Mufasa dies somewhere along, Simba wants to be king and then he finds his way back and he kills Scar and then they get a babychild? Something like that? It’s possible I forgot some event (Like I had forgotten Court Of Miracles uhuh)

 So, could some Lion King fan explain this to me? What is so awesome and good about this story? And please do it a bit more accurate than “It’s so good music” because I don’t really accept that for a reason for the movie to be SO GREAT. So if anyone can give me a GOOD and ACCURATE explanation, I’d appriciate it. A LOT. And yes, I’m ready to do the same for at least HoND (Since that’s my No.1)


// Sara

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