My day has been made.

Seriously. I was just sitting around, minding my own business waiting for Michelle to come home. Just using facebook you know.

Seeing Stala&SO updating with new tourdates. Oh cool, even a european tour! Cool stuff man. Lets see if they play in Finland…

Germany…. expected… Belgium… Oh really?…. England… Yeah cool… Sweden… Ok.. OH.


SWEDEN? *reads again but closer* HOLY SON OF A CRACKER! Not one, but _THREE_ Swedish dates!!!

I choked my coke and started shaking and yes, crying. I’ve been waiting for this day for six years now. I have seen them live before yes, but this… I never… I never ever expected this to happen.

I’m attending all three gigs, what else? It’s my babyboys, and they are starting to grow up and grow big. That’s why this gets so emotional, you know? You travelled to Finland to see them at On The Rocks, and now all of a sudden… they are at home. It looks like it will be me, Michelle, Argo and Martine doing this little trip, but hell am I looking forward to it!

I never expected this, and I’m still in a bit of ecstasy. Maybe you notice that through my extremly badly written text.


Taken on my very first Stala&SO gig ever at On The Rocks, February 4th 2011.

// Sara


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