In My Dreams

Listening to the liveversion of this song, from Tokyo 2007. I love when he sings it on Japanese, that’s why I usually put this one on repeat rather than the original one.

Apart from now, I’ve had Steel Panther on instant repeat today. Why is that, actually? WELL MAYBE BECAUASE OF THIS:

The tickets for the copenhagen show is finally set! So now it feels even more official than before. It feels gooo that the concerts are starting to fall in now, I was scared for a while this was gonna be a low year… but then Stala&SO. show up so.. yes. Now I shall return to Aladdin: King Of  Theives and my mushrooms. Yes, I said it. My Mushrooms! Oh Glam sings japanese now… beautiful!

NP: In My Dreams – Wig Wam
// Sara

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