Dirty Mind

Off Danger Danger’s “Revolve”. Even though it’s not as much as a masterpiece as I find “Danger Danger”, it’s still a brilliant album. Danger Danger is pretty much the ideal band for me.

Today’s been pretty slack, been watching Sleeping Beuty, Hunchback of Notre Dame (no I don’t get tired of it. Not at all) and now I began watching “Aladin and the King of Theives”. I ain’t sure if it’s the original title, but I found a Clopin-tribute video with that very song, from the movie. Thats also the only reason I watched it, because I have over the years continuely been singing that song. “Äru med på det, eller äru en svikare? ” Sad part is, the hideaway the theives have and the way they acted reminded me EXTREMLY much about the Court of Miracles. I think I need to put down the Hunchback for a while before I go nuts. ( I tried to find the thieves hideaway opening on Youtube, but failed. I think you get the picture.)

But talking about miracles, this must be one. I was going through my “mailbox” in my room, where I had alot of old envelopes. One envelope was WELL heavy for being just, you know, an envelope, so I opened up… and this is what I found (in Death to the Martyrs  2:38 melody):

How fantastic isn’t that. Yes I know, it’s “only” 15 sek, but 15 sek is always 15 sek. I have put away money that I’m about to ship out to people from New Years eve, so I’m kinda low on money right now, but thanks to this and to recycling, I could get the pins I wanted on eBay. Like a fucking boss. Paypal also owes me six dollar, so I’d say I’m doing pretty fine so far.

But before I fall asleep on the keyboard like the architecturestudents, I’m gonna hit the bed. I’m actually gonna try to put in for this course in school. Yes.

NP: Deliver Us From Free Will – The Ark
// Sara

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