Pass, Passi, Passport, Potni List, Útlevél, Cestovný Pas….

Yeah, that’s how you say passport in multiple languages…. just in case you wanted to know!

So in just an hour we are leaving for the flightbus, heading for Arlanda and sooner heading for DJERMANI and Lichtenfels!! Both Michelle and Paula is here with already, and in half an hour we are deciding wheter we are gonna all go by car downtown or if our luggage gets the carride and we have to take the bus, because our luggage are enourmous HAHA!

You know whats the most difficult to pack? Socks. Really. You always need a couple of extra pairs just in case, and since I have alot “unopened socks” I rather take shiny new ones than the little broken ones, I mean, HELL, getting those sores on the foot abroad? No thanks.

Thing is… my socks are pretty. They are cute. They got pigs, spiders, ants, mooses… you name it! On them. And it makes it difficult to choose. I’m defintely not taking anything with Spiders, ants or frogs because that’s my favourite. But the cows and the moose was so pretty too…. However, I end up with a rainbow pattern, pink pigs and a dice of death patterened socks. Sounds metal, doesn’t it?

Okay, now I gotta go and find Moomin and the Heavy Metal Moose before take off! See yah later folks!

// Sara

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