They Only Come Out At Night

One of Lordis singles off The Arockalypse, the song they made together with Udo Dirkschneider if you remember? I like it in some twisted kind of way.

You know, you have those days when you are supposed to do alot, and you end up doing completly nothing? Yeah, I had one of those today. I was supposed to finish everything for Finland today, but did I? Of course not. But I guess I can fix the shirt right before going to bed.

The sad part is, right now, I don’t have any motivation to go. And sadly, that happens alot. It all depends a bit on the concert, on the situation, and whom I’m going with. I think I might feel this lack of motivation due to
1, I’m in moneystress – you might think I have alotta money, but I really don’t. Not at all, and when things get ‘expensive’ I just get sick on it. And Helsinki has gotten expensiver than it usually is.
2, I have Lichtenfels coming up
3, They have changed the usual venue so my total usual plan is like, ruined.

Yup, that is HCSS picks! Pink one is from the shop, but white one is Vics!

Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow. Or well, we will see about that. Nevertheless I’m going of course, not bailing now. I think also I hate the fact the entire weekend gets lost because of it… I’m back on Mondaynight around 3am. I dislike that ALOT. Damn flights… oh well. I’ll get alotta schoolwork done at least! I also got the offer to stay at a certain rockstars home… but we will see ; ).

Okay, now it’s 2.21am, so I think I’m just gonna hit the sheets. After cutting of course.

NP: Bad Medicine – Bon Jovi
// Sara

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