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Epica @ TRIX, Antwerpen, Belgium 18/10 – 2017

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So, minitour. At 4 in the morning I left my place at home in Karlstad and drove all across the country (well…) to the airport. Yes, I know. Me. Driving. Truth is, I couldn’t really find a bus that would allow me to get on the plane in time, hence, this happening. I normally prefer to go by public transit otherwise, because you know, then it ain’t my problem.

Got to the airport in pretty good time, you know, around an hour or so before the plane was gonna leave – my style you know. The ride was quite uneventful, some stupid people refusing to listen to the cabin crew – if you so dearly wanted to sit together, then perhaps you should have pre-booked your seats. Idiots.

Landed in Brussels, took the train toward Antwerpen pretty instantly, because really, what is the point at staying here? Brussels is all nice and cool, but mayhaps another time. Once on the train I felt content, scared, and a bit excited. It’s the normal mixture of emotions you always get when going some place new.

Now, I’ve been in Antwerpen once before, but I was driven here by someone, and we were only here for the show. And well, I was only here for the show as well, but this time I had to you know, find my way to a hotel and everything.

It was quite easy to find, which made me really happy. What I didn’t realize is that I had managed to end up in the highly orhtodox Jew neighbourhood of Antwerpen, which was quite interesting to see. To see the differencies from different part of the city, and to discover their culture a bit.

For this stay, I had chosen Ambassador Suites Antwerp, and since I decided quite last minute, I got a big room. A room to fit four people. The kind of room we’d need for a Lordivacation, to be more exact.

Got ready in the room, and then I awaited Sjorvens arrival to have some dinner, and then head off to the show. I had decided, and yes, you will all hate me for this – to skip out on the supportbands and head straight for Epica, as this gig was really more of a “oh they are playing here so lets just go” kind of thing.

Sjorven was stuck in traffic, but eventually he made it, and we made it to, the ever so usual, McDonalds for some real on tour cuisine. But, you know what they say – time runs fast when you are having fun. So we had to rush back to the hotel, to pick up my phone that I forgot, and then to walk to Trix.

And got a bit lost, or something. So we got delayed. Like, very delayed. When we finally arrived at the venue, I heard “Essance of Silence” echoing from the inside, and not only that, but my favorite part of it. Of course, right? But on the plus side – there was no queue! No line! No waiting time! We got inside just in time for the song to be over, and “Universal Death Squad” starting.


So, as I said, “Universal Death Squad” was next on the list, which was amazing. I’m still not too big of a fan of this song, but what can you do? “Ascension” followed lead, and then “Dancing in a Hurricane”, which I love so much. That song has come to grown so much on me. And not only that, but the mood it sets in the venue. I saw several people just starting to dance. I love the oriental elements to the song… seriously.

“Victims of Contingency” was next on the list, throwing us right back into “The Quantuum Enigma” era, and my personal favorite “Unchain Utopia” was next on. I still cannot decide if it’s the band that is untight, or if I’ve fallen out of synch with this band. But it’s something that is just not right when they play it, and it has been so lately.

They wrapped up the set with “Cry for the Moon”, which always makes for a huge sing along. The venue is not that big, but it felt like it was thousands of people in there, let me tell you.

The band thanked for the show, and left the stage. Coen very soon came back in, starting off as he usually does with his handheld keyboard – apparently all the other keyboards fell down, and for once, he was left with only this.

“Beyond The Matrix” was on the list, and the whole arena bounced. It’s good to see a show down on the continent, where the audiences are actually good, you know. And pyro! They wrapped up the entire set with “Consign to Oblivion”. Sjorven joined the wall of death, and then he never came out. I sort of panicked for a second. TRIX isn’t THAT big, how the hell does someone vanish like that?

After the song, the band thanked for the evening, took their mandatory picture and left the stage for good this time. I went off toward the front row to try to find Cyril which I knew would be here, and gladly, after finding him I also found Sjorven. Who had gotten me a setlist, what a precious person.

After saying all of our good byes and all, we walked home toward the hotel, which took a lot longer than it should. We were stopped on the road asking if we had cocaine, so we were like, yeah, lets just get out of here.

Eventually we made it back, I got up to my room and Sjorven went home. I packed up my stuff and prepared for the next day, as I was heading off toward Vosselaar.

// Sara

Powerwolf @ Trix, Antwerpen, Belgium 1/11 – 15

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The D-Day was here, to see the mighty wolves. Would you believe – it’s actually the very first time I’d see Powerwolf on their own headlining tour. I’ve seen them twice before; once at Sweden Rock and then on Noch Ein Bier. So I was really, REALLY looking forward to this concert, more than I originally thought.

We started the day off pretty early with band rehearsals for Antoine. It sounded really good, that’s all I can say. After this, we picked up on the good old gasstation food and got on the road to Antwerpen.

We arrived a couple of minutes before the doors opened and we quickly realized we needed to exchange our E-Tickets for real tickets, so despite being halfway inside, we had to go back out again. Once we actually MADE IT inside, we hit the merchbooth and picked up on each a Powerwolf shirt. We got inside the venue only to discover that despite arriving late and needing to go out and in again, we actually scored pretty decent spots. We stood on the left side of the stage, meaning, Rikard’s if you speak Civil War, Amen’s if you speak Lordi, Clown if you speak Slipknot.

Exactly right on time Civil War went on stage and started off with “USS Monitor”. The band was energetic when they entered the stage, and delivered really good. However. There’s something extra and truly sad about the fact that the band had to tell the light guy to put some lights on them, because they felt like they were playing in the darkness.

And they were right. They had a constant red light on them until Patrik told them to put on some more lights, which improved a bit, not a lot, and you know… when the BANDS has to tell you your light sucks.. man. They should think about getting a new light guy. Because this is just pathetic.

Civil War’s set was about 40 minutes long, consisting of “Saint Patricks Day”, “Braveheart”, “Gods and Generals”, “Bay of Pigs”, “I will Rule the Universe” and wrapping it all up with “Rome is Falling”. The band was really good – especially if you think back to the fact that the tragedy that was Noch Ein Bier was my first encounter with them, this was QUITE the difference. The audience was a bit lame, in all honesty, but I guess it’s to be expected for an opener.


So, they thanked for the set and left the stage leaving us waiting for Orden Ogan. And right on time, a quarter past 20, they started with “F.E.V.E.R”. Have I ever told you guys how much I love this particular song? They followed up with “Deaf Among the Blind”, and I’m not sure if the audience were just better warmed up or if Orden Ogan had a fanbase, because all of a sudden the crowd awoke.

But then again… the problems with the lights. Seriously. Whoever it was that did the lights that day should get a REAL call out. Seriously. You barely saw the band. What the hell.

They played for 50 minutes, and they truly delivered. I was very happy to see them again, and considering that they made me want to see them again right away kind of proves how good it was. The only thing I miss, was “Ravenhead”. For some reason they aren’t playing this particular one.

(Photo by Antoine Grignard. This is what poor lightning gives you)

And after this… it was time for Powerwolf. At 21.30 sharp the lights started to find their ways all over the backdrop hanging in front of them, revealing the silhuettes of the band before joining together to enhance the Powerwolf logo, just before it all dropped down.

Flashing lights, heavy drums and “Blessed and Possessed” set off probably one of the more bombastic starts I’ve seen in quite some time. A strong opening was quickly followed up by “Coleus Sanctus”. “Amen and Attack” and “Cardinal Sin” followed, and then one of my personal favorites, “Army of the Night” was played.


As someone who’s never seen Powerwolf on their own headlining show before, I was kind of… how do I put it… Impressive, I guess? I can’t think of a better word. Like I’ve said many times before, I’m a big fan of any band who has a strong image and concept, the way Powerwolf has. And what makes images and concepts even better is when they live it out on stage – like when Attila talks about how we celebrate the life and death of Christ, when he talks about the metal messes and so on.


Or when he brings out the necklaces and starts preaching, the usage of the incensory in the last couple of songs, the wine glass for “We Drink Your Blood”… I appreciate things like this. Like, A LOT. I must admit I chuckled a bit when he made us shake our hands and scream in a possessed way. Humor is key, my friends.

They wrapped up the set with “Lupus Dei” before the crew came out and placed strings of fire all over the stage, and later returning (fairly quickly actually) to fire off three encores – “Sanctified by Dynamite”, “Kreuzfeur” and “All We Need is Blood”.


After this, the wolves thanked for the evening and left the stage. As you probably understood from my previous writings, it was very good. And lights! There were lights! Thank God.

After the show I noticed Daniel on the other side of the venue so I left my company for a quick second to catch up with him and talk about the show. It was a bit hard to leave, since I don’t see him all that often. Eventually I got back to me peeps and we started to slowly head of the arena.

Halfway out, I notice the Civil War people was out and pointed it out to Antoine who wanted to have a picture with each of them. Once he was done with Patrik and Rickard, I leaned in and told them their show was good, but in Swedish. Patrik was like “Thank you so much.. OH WAIT SWEDISH! FINALLY!” Haha. I wound up talking to Rikard a little bit before coming with Antoine to take some pictures with the other members as well as them taking pics.

Before leaving, I figured I’d say good bye to Rikard, when he insisted I stay a bit longer. So said and done, I guess. And this lead up to about an hour of talking about everything and nothing, from Sabaton to Lordi to touring to beer. Eventually they had to leave, and so did we.

It was a really good night, better than I ever expected it to become, in all honesty.

Thank you, Powerwolf, Civil War and Orden Ogan for this night!

// Sara