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So, finally we got on the bus toward Santa Cruz. We sort of had to take this bus – it saved us a hotelnight and would get us to Santa Cruz in the middle of the day, so it was somewhat perfect. The only downside was the fact that it was two buschanges on this bus, which interrupted the sleep a lot, and to be honest – for the being the first time in America it was a little intimidating.

But everything went fine. The busstations aren’t overly big here as they sometimes are in Sweden, so all the changes went very smoothly, though we didn’t get a lot of sleep.


And then finally, we arrived in Santa Cruz. And it was love at first sight.

Artistic, laid back city with surfers and skateborders around every corner, and not to talk about the streetart! It was beautiful. And very musicfriendly – right next to the venue there were a recordstore and an instrumentshop. How amazing? Speaking of which – seeing the venue, and seeing Lordi’s name on the venue was so unbelievable.


After we arrived we sat down at Five Guys, a restaurant that allows you to customize your own burger essentially, to have some lunch. It was such a relief in a way – to know that we are finally IN Santa Cruz, that we MADE IT, and that we can now take it a bit easy.

Once check in time started, we got to our hotel that appeared not to be too far away from the city centre. And you know… We haven’t at this point seen a bed for 36 hours. For 36 hours, we had been crammed in various planes, cars and buses, sleeping in the weirdest kind of positions. So seeing two queen beds waiting for us was absolutely crazy. We pretty much just spread out on the beds and thanked God for it.


It was a very nice motel though. It’s called the Salt Air Lodge, and our room had two big beds and a nice bathroom. Kinda luxuary, for a change. It’s nice.

After laying down for a while, appreciating the beds we normally take for granted, we got ourselves ready and we headed out to a bar, Blue Lagoon bar to be more exact, to catch the Superbowl. First, we visited the record store of course. Once at the Blue Lagoon we sat down, had some drinks and watched the game. I’m not big on Superbowl, but it was pretty cool to see it in America as it happened.

After the game was over we took a stroll down the town to scout for stores for me the following day and to just check out the town really, at least a little bit of it.

Once back at the hotel, we both started getting ready – having a shower, talking and just chilling before the big day tomorrow.

// Sara

Primo Victoria

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Soooo. Today was the big day. We got up about half 6 in the morning to drive off to Gatwick to catch our first plane – to Copenhagen. It is a little bit of a detour, but like I said to Nathan – I’m not a convenient traveler, I’m a cheap traveler so the detour had to happen as it saved us a lot, A LOT of money. And hey – Nathan got to do a very swift visit to Denmark!

Once at Kastrup we had a meal at Burger King after dropping off our luggage and then boarding the Dreamline 787 bound for Los Angeles with mixed feelings. Very excited, but also very very scared. I always get a bit anxious before visiting a new country, so it was good.


The flight was fun. A lot of catching up, good airplane food and some Gravity Falls and Phineas&Ferb on top of it. Sort of makes it perfect, you know? I did some writing – and this is my favorite kind of office. On a bus, in a plane, on a train… It’s perfect.  For breakfast we actually had Swedish breakfast too!


I think we got some sort of sleep, for some short period of time before we finally reached L. A. It was the most surreal feeling to hear the words “Welcome to Los Angeles” when landing with the plane.

Nathan has scared me a lot with the security screenings for America, that they’d be super long and superhard, but in reality it was literally the same as Australia and New Zealand, except we had to leave fingerprints, pretty much. And that is all good, you know?

Once outside, we were going to catch the bus to downtown L. A. and the first thing we run into is a peaceful demonstration against Donald Trump and his new immigration ban. It was very powerful to see, and it makes me hopeful for the future.


After some ifs and buts we managed to find the bus downtown, and went on a bit of an adventure. After getting to 7th Street we decided to sit down and have some mexican food at a delicious restaurant. And here, we run into our first difficulty. An obviously high ex-gangmember approached us and tried to pull something, gladly, we managed to avoid the situation. Welcome to America, huh?



We managed, after a lot of struggle, to find the bus to the Greyhound busterminal, and we ran into some of the nicest people ever. Both travelers and the busdriver would tell us when the stop for the busterminal was, that was extremely kind of them!

Once at the busterminal we sat down to have a cup of tea and wait for the bus bound for Santa Cruz that would leave at 2 a.m. A long wait. But finally, it came.

To Be Continued

// Sara