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New song from Sabaton – “Great War”

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June 28th. Already at Metalfest I was seeing posters plastered all over the place about June 28th, and figured out Sabaton was giving out a new single. This single, “Great War” simply captures everything that was World War I. Not a specific event, just the greatness (eh) of it.

So about the song then, shall we?

This song starts off in an epic way with big drums and echoing choirs. It has the kind of opening that draws the thoughts to the Raubtier song “Sveriges Elit”, the anthem kind of hook that serves as a simple adrenaline shot to your heat. When reaching the verse, it mellows down to simply Jocke’s voice and keyboards.

The deeper tones of the voice and sturdiness in his singing combined with the lingering keyboards create an epic atmosphere, almost putting you out in the battlefield. The pre-chorus builds up, similarly to the preceeder “The Last Stand” before it culminates in the epicness anthem hymn kind of chorus that explodes inside you. The song continues on similarly, only with a more aggressive tone and some added guitars for the second verse, until it emerges into a shredding solo to again end up with the epicness of “The Last Stand”.

This song gives me chills. When I heard it the first time, and when I heard it for the tenth time, I still get the chills. I think you my true readers at this point have learned I love anthem-like songs, so it shouldn’t surprise you.

But something I wanna talk about. The lyrics.

I have reprimanded Sabaton for making generic lyrics for “Fields of Verdun”… but all of that is made up here. The story being told in the verse, from the point of view of a soldier, sharing of the brutality, grimness of the war, the honest spoken words about how there are no victors nor losers in war – we all are the losers. This is the lyrics I would have expected from “Fields of Verdun”, so Sabaton – all is forgiven. This, combined with the grime feeling Jocke puts into the voice when he sings.. makes it perfection. Wow.What a song. NOW, Now I’m most certainly feeling the excitement for the album.

Thank you.

// Sara

“The Red Baron” – New from Sabaton

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And so the time has come! Another new single release from Sabaton, from their upcoming album “The Great War”. And this time, it was time for “The Red Baron” to come to show.

The song is about Manfred von Richthofen, a German pilot during World War I. He was known as one of the greatest fighter pilots of the war, credited to 80 victories and was well respected in Germany and by his enemies.

So, how about we start looking into the actual song yes?

The song itself starts off with eerie, circuslike organ, only to launch into a rather quick, and to a certain degree, swinglike kind of verse, and it keep it like this throughout the song. The organ remains in the background throughout the song as well. I can imagine the circuslike sounds to it is a kick-back to the nickname “The Flying Circus”.

While the song brings the thought back to “Night Witches” at some point, I’d love to argue that it has got a happier feeling to it, despite the eerie background organ – and it works faster without barely any fills, just all at once.

I actually.. At first listen I’ll admit I didn’t like it at first. But after giving it a few more tries, it grew very quickly on me. Now, I’m more excited than ever. And I can’t help but to get stage setting ideas, just as I did with “Bismarck”.

But yes I’ll say it – this is a dance song. This song it was will ensure Sabaton earns points on “Dance Friendliness”, and I myself, shall pick up a bit on swing dancing because of this.

// Sara

Listening session with Sabaton

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So people! Another long wait for something to read, but here it is at last.

Some time ago I was invited to a “secret location” to participate in a listening session, Q&A and a meet and greet with Sabaton. For their own reason, I won’t reveal the location, but anyway.

This was kind of a last minute spontaneous kind of thing, so I just booked the bus kind of on the spot, which was no major issue… I thought.

Since I booked the bus at such short notice, I was assigned a seat. And of course, the seat assigned just HAD to be the one with a non functioning poweroutlet. And my computer, the computer I currently bring with me on tour, has a battery time of 50 minutes. Great. Just great.

On top of that, I got a bit rushed in the morning, and because of that, forgot my waterbottle. No biggie, right?

Except that I get horribly motion ill, and to top it off, I had cramps from hell. AND, becuase we aren’t even done yet, we got one of those bus drivers who drives extremly recklessly.

So here I was, in pain, being ill as hell, unable to work.. And the bus gets about 40 minutes delayed. Because why the hell not right? Gladly, I had plenty of time before the session, so it did not ruin my time plan, it was just a little bit of torture.

Once in Stockholm, I headed off to an Espresso House as per usual to have a quick lunch / dinner kind of thing and make myself ready for the evening.  I stowed away my stuff in a locker at the central station and headed off to the “secret location”. It wasn’t too hard to find, much to my pleasure although I’ve never been there before.

The first thing that happened was pretty much standing around waiting. And waiting. And after waiting some more, we were finally let in the salon for the listening session. It was a beautiful kind of old school cinema, and I loved the setting. The host spoke a bit before playing us the first five songs of the album.

So, I guess the most important part of this is this: What were my first impressions and opinions?

So, the first song, “The Future of Warfare” is a pretty lowkey but yet hitting opening song. I felt, or feel, that it might set the mood completely for the album – darker, harder, yet not leaving the Sabaton influences. It brought my thoughts back to “Primo Victoria” and “Metalizer” soundfigure, with a touch of “Coat of Arms”, if that makes any sense to anyone.

Second song of the evening, “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” made me throw my hands up in the air out of frustration. The only thing I can say about this song is that it’s “White Death”. It’s the new “Winged Hussars”, so to speak. Lyrically it’s fine, but at this point I’m still too frustrated at that to give a more proper view or insight.

As far as “82nd All The Way” goes, I can’t remember I thought anything special about it, it sort of blanded out amongst the songs, however, a song that REALLY stuck to me was the next one – “The Attack of the Dead Men”.

I had this song stuck in my brain for the rest of the weekend. And as soon as I think of the title, it starts playing in my head again. This one I really liked, a lot. And it made me excited, as it felt relatively new for being Sabaton.

Last song that got played, was “Devil Dogs” which wasn’t a bad song at all, but it brought the thoughts too much back to “Smoking Snakes” (not like ‘Seven Pillars’ though), but all in all – good.

So, I guess you can say I liked what I heard, and it did get me more excited than ever for the new album. And now, it ain’t long left. Just a month, ish.

After listening to the song, the band came into the room and we had a press-conference kind of Q&A, where we got to ask questions to the band and they’d answer. It was a pretty cozy thing to be honest, it felt very down to earth and relaxed. At least in my point of view.

Once the Q&A was done, we all lined up for the photo to be taken, and once that was over – heading home.

Thank you Warner Music and Sabaton for this evening, it was quite the pleasure. It was a spurr of the moment kind of thing for me, but I was not disappointed in doing it! Thank you!

// Sara


New Sabaton: “Fields of Verdun”

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So the day is here. “Fields of Verdun” is finally officially released. This day couldn’t really come any sooner if you ask me, but finally atlast it’s here!

As I spoke of before, “Fields of Verdun” simply covers the battle of Verdun, the longest and probably one of the grimest battles throughout the first world war.

So here’s the video as well as the song. Where do I even begin? With the song perhaps.

The good news primarily, is the fact that at the first listen and listens, I can’t really seem to find it being similar to any other song I heard before. I might change this statement once I’ve gotten more used to it, but that is a big plus. The little breakdown reminded, and still at some points, remind me of “Poltava” but the song all in all seem to be relatively new.

The feeling of the song brings my thoughts back to “Heroes” album at first though, which isn’t all too surprising considering that ex-guitarist Thobbe Englund helped to compose the song. I guess that on some levels, this song could have fit on “Coat of Arms” as well, but I personally get a lot of “Heroes” vibes – primarily from the fact the guitars are a lot more prominent as compared to the synths, which was the case on “The Last Stand” album.

So… what is then my humble opinion. To be perfectly honest… I’m a little… disappointed. I guess I just expected more. From what I’ve read and understood, Verdun was a very very grime and brutal battle, and having them make a very… almost rushed song, with very very generic lyrics made it all fall very, very flat for me. I wish there would have been a lot more greatness put into this – perhaps the perception is somewhat ruined due to the release of “Bismarck”, who, on the other hand, was a very epic and big song.

I don’t really see this song growing on me, sadly, which is sad because there was a lot of anticipation for this one. But hey, this could very well simply be that “one bad song” on the album, am I right?

As for the video.. I’m sadly not impressed by that one either. It feels a bit.. But you know what? If the song isn’t grand and epic, how the hell can the video be? I do however wish for a bit more action, I guess. And a bit more gore. They could’ve afforded that.

Shame innit, that the first single and song of the album is outshined both song and videowise by a song not even on the album. But oh well, as strange as it may sound, the disappointment of “Fields of Verdun” does make me want to hear the whole album NOW.

// Sara


Bismarck – New Sabaton Song

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So here it is people! It was rumored already a while back that a new single called “Bismarck” would see the light of day, but as I’m not one to gossip on my blog and wait for the real news, I kept it low, but wasn’t surprised when that is what was indeed revealed.

So, “Bismarck”. The song tells the story about the German battleship, the first of two built for the Nazi’s “kriegsmarine”, a ship which was commisioned in 1940, but after an intensive hunt that had sunk a lot of the enemy ships, even she was sunk.

So, now that the trivia is over, lets move over to the music shall we?

First and foremost, and it tears my heart apart to have to say this over and over again – it wasn’t exactly anything new to the table. While it was no “Winged Hussars” I can feel several different songs while hearing this. BUT – with that said.

There was something I did notice, something that made me feel very much at home. The productions resembles the production of “Primo Victoria” and “The Art of War” and it sent me 12 years back in time for when I became a real die hard fan of the band and I suddenly felt very much at home. I feel a bit of “Panzer Battalion” in the pre-chorus and it just makes me shiver and gives me goose bumps. Jonas Kjellgren is the one who produces Sabatons sounds the best, if you ask me.

It’s a very epic and bombastic song, almost like “Wolfpack” but turned up – it’s something about the songs about the ships that makes ’em go like this I suppose. God, I feel like my feelings are all over the place.

Now, this song won’t end up on “The Great War”, so I can’t say I’m more stoked for the album because of this, But I am indeed looking forward to seeing this song live. And while they are at it, why not dust off “Wolfpack”?

// Sara

Sabaton Cruise, part one

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And so the day come! Finally time to board the beautiful ship and get going. But before that, we treated ourselves a nice and relaxing lunch at Espresso House before locking up our bags at the city station and then taking an hour or two to walk the city.

We had lunch someplace before taking a taxi out to the terminal where we met up with my friends Toivo, Jesse and Susanna. I met T and S while on Battle Beast tour, and Jesse we were standing next to on Sabaton Open Air. Not only was it nice to meet up with them, but we noticed we for some scary reason managed to have all the cabins next to each other – ours were wall in wall with Jesse’s, and Toivo and Susanna’s was across the hall from him.

After some waiting, we finally got to board… well sort of. One part of it. Then we had to wait even more. And THEN get to board. And then we had to wait at the door for our cabins. A lot of waiting, to be honest.

But finally, at last, we got to the cabin and it was the most beautiful. Well, sort of anyway, it was real cozy and real sweet. First thing we did was put on some music – while boarding we had discovered the other band playing was Brothers of Metal, so I cranked up “Prophecy of Ragnarök” while we got ourselves ready for the evening. The evening was serving us two shows by Sabaton, and some pause entertainment by Bombshell Belles.

After getting ready, we decided to roam the boat rather than get good spots for the shows and found quite some nice spots on the ship. I’ve never been on a cruise like this, so it was real nice in all honesty. I really enjoyed the view.

Time was closing in on the show, so we headed down to the arena bar and got… well okayish spots. We decided to be more in the “back” but this venue was very small and well, not made for metalshows, but still. We met up with Sebastian, a guy I had met on Sabaton Open Air who is a friend of Sjorven, so he joined us for the show. It got tightened up and the wait for the show to start felt like forever… until it finally started.


So, after “In The Army Now”, the “Primo Victoria” film started rolling, and they opened the show up with “Primo Victoria”. Well, I shouldn’t complain right? I mean, it’s not “Ghost Division” right? It was quickly followed by “Sparta”, which is well a little early for my personal taste but I don’t mind! It was a good vibe in the audience, despite all the drunkies.

A song I’ve missed a lot in the past, “Cliffs of Galipolli”, which was soooo long overdue, like, it isn’t even funny how overdue this is! But finally, finally it was back! It was a real good vibe in the crowd, but what else is to be expected from a Sabaton show after all?

Another long, not as long, but still long lost friend was found in “Attero Dominatus” which was the next on the list, tightly followed by “Saboteurs”, another song we haven’t heard in some time, if even at all.

The churchbells appeared, and my personal favorite from the last album – the title track “The Last Stand” was the next song on the list to appear, and you know, emotions explodes, adrenaline pumping – there is nothing quite like this.

“Far From The Fame” was next on the list – followed by “White Death” which I thought was really fun – I’m not sure if I heard it much before. “Carolus Rex” was ripped off before they wrapped up with my personal favorite all times “The Art of War”.

And by that, the first set of the evening was all set and done. As soon as they left the stage, people started to disappear which was so nice, as we decided to claim a table with chairs for ourselves for the next set – it got a bit intense with the great vibe, but we wanted a bit more calmer setting. Yes, I am indeed getting old.

Szilvi went out to get some air, but Sebastian, Susanna and me remained behind, watching the spot and just hanging out, later joined by her returning. Sofia had managed to get to the front row through the moshpit, so we didn’t really see much of her until after the show – and in the mean time we were entertained by The Bombshell Belles, 50’s kind of singing group, think The Lounge Kittens, real good.

And after some time, Sabaton finally entered the stage again with “The Final Solution”.

“Lejonet Från Norden” followed this beautiful song, only to throw us into “Panzerkampf”, which is also a song I have missed. I saw Sabaton a lot during the festival seasons, but it doesn’t change much in my opinion, I still miss the songs.

“Blood of Bannockburn” was next, then followed by “En Livstid i Krig.”

So, something that is really annoying is the constant chanting of “Swedish Pagans”. We heard the damn chant so much from before even boarding and up until now. And before every song, Sabaton said they’d play it but started another song, just like they did now when the “Winged Hussars” arrived instead. Which was amazing, I love this song so much.

“Nightwitches” and it’s amazing intro was followed by this, and at this point no joke, my neck was pretty dead. What was I supposed to do you know.

“Shiroyama” followed suit, and then, finally for all the chanters, “Swedish Pagans” was finally set off before they wrapped up the entire set with “To Hell and Back”.

After this, we hung around some more in the venue before getting back to the room for some freshen up and then spending the night at the bar, playing a baloon game and drinking til 6am in the morning when we finally made our way back to our cabin to “sleep” some… Good night, that is for sure!

// Sara

Attero Dominatus – Sabaton the love story.

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Ten years ago, on this exact day, June 29, after further inspection, my life changed forever. This marks the exact day I became a Sabaton fan. The location was Borlänge, more to be exact – The Peace & Love festival. Jocke spoke of how it was ironic a festival called “Peace” was inviting Sweden’s only band who sung about war to play, and this was also the day I figured out they were Swedish, by the way.
While this may not have been the first time I experienced Sabaton live, it was the day I became a fan.
A few weeks later I found “Attero Dominatus” in a supermarket, and on that path – From that album, onwards to Monsters of Mora it all went down. My first show as a Sabaton fan, and it became a night to remember. Peace & Love 2008 – where I denied every single sign of Sabaton actually playing.
Over the years I’ve watched this band grow. A band I once saw in smaller clubs, as supportband for bands like Lordi and HammerFall, to now witnessing them headline festivals like Sweden Rock and Graspop Metal Meeting. Witnessing the very first Rockstad: Falun back in 2008.
Metallsvenskan 2009. What a moment. Watching Sabaton play football against other bands, and then wrapping up with a nice show… These moments, you know?
Last year I saw Sabaton be included in Eurovision Song Contests montage of Swedish music exports, and I will not deny that tears were shed. This is a band that means so truly much to me, I cannot even put into words how much I love this band, or how PROUD I am of them. PROUD to see them grow like this, and I feel blessed to have been a part of the journey.
This is a band I’d walk through fire for. This is a band I’ve traveled down to the very south of Malmö to watch, jump on a last minute plane to Luleå up in the North – I’ve seen them in and out of Sweden, and I’d walk a 1000 miles, ten times over for this band.
So far, I’ve seen this band 24 times. And trust me, there’s going to be many, many, many more. This band has become one of the most important things in my life, almost like the air I breathe.
Sabaton, I love you. Since June 29th 2007, and I’ll be always yours.
// Sara