Bismarck – New Sabaton Song

So here it is people! It was rumored already a while back that a new single called “Bismarck” would see the light of day, but as I’m not one to gossip on my blog and wait for the real news, I kept it low, but wasn’t surprised when that is what was indeed revealed.

So, “Bismarck”. The song tells the story about the German battleship, the first of two built for the Nazi’s “kriegsmarine”, a ship which was commisioned in 1940, but after an intensive hunt that had sunk a lot of the enemy ships, even she was sunk.

So, now that the trivia is over, lets move over to the music shall we?

First and foremost, and it tears my heart apart to have to say this over and over again – it wasn’t exactly anything new to the table. While it was no “Winged Hussars” I can feel several different songs while hearing this. BUT – with that said.

There was something I did notice, something that made me feel very much at home. The productions resembles the production of “Primo Victoria” and “The Art of War” and it sent me 12 years back in time for when I became a real die hard fan of the band and I suddenly felt very much at home. I feel a bit of “Panzer Battalion” in the pre-chorus and it just makes me shiver and gives me goose bumps. Jonas Kjellgren is the one who produces Sabatons sounds the best, if you ask me.

It’s a very epic and bombastic song, almost like “Wolfpack” but turned up – it’s something about the songs about the ships that makes ’em go like this I suppose. God, I feel like my feelings are all over the place.

Now, this song won’t end up on “The Great War”, so I can’t say I’m more stoked for the album because of this, But I am indeed looking forward to seeing this song live. And while they are at it, why not dust off “Wolfpack”?

// Sara

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