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Raubtier @ Frimis Salonger, Örebro, Sweden 11/10 – 19

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After my little trip to Belgium, I very sadly ended up being ill. I’m not gonna go into details, but painful it was. But when was the last time a bit of illness or pain stopped me from going anywhere? Never.

So, I decided time with my ever so loved partner in crime Toivo, and we set the time to meet up in Örebro around 19 to grab a quick bite and then get in line for the show. A little after 19 I arrived – traffic is your best friend right? – and we grabbed some weird ass food from the trainstation before getting in line. It was “only” around four to five people ahead of us in line, which was great.

The doors opened pretty much right on time and Toivo and I could.. Well, we didn’t need to run we could very simply just walk to the front row. And not long after that, the first band for the evening started.


So first band was a Swedish band called Alfahanne. They’re from Eskisltuna from what I understood, and I’ll admit I never heard of them prior to this. The drummer came out on stage and pretty much intimidate me with his insane stare in his eyes, and I got these kind of.. trying to be alpha male vibes off him. Not that weird I guess?

The rest of the band came out on stage, and I expected this to be some sort of punkbank, but in reality it was more of a hardrock band. They sang primarily in Swedish and I’m saddened to say it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. But they delievered as good as they could!

Next band to join the ranks, was Utmarken.


So, Utmarken is in fact a band I did see live earlier this year, at Sabaton Open Air. I liked their show, and was looking forward to seeing them again.

They opened the set with “Förfallstid” and I was happily surprised how well the audience responded to them! They quickly moved on to “Välkommen till Norrland” and they had this special kind of energy that, if you ask me, you can only really find with folkmetal bands. Then it was time for “Jaktmarker”, which, judging on the audience, is one of their most popular songs. Great times! “Älgtid, Björntid, Vargtid” followed suit and then “Triumfera” before wrapping the whole set up with “Bröder i Strid”.

That was an amazing show, but the excitement we now felt for Raubtier was something else.

And so was the arena.

As usual with this kind of things, its typical to get tighter when the main act goes on, but even more so considering the typical Raubtier fan. But I’ve survived worse, so how could I not know?

Well we were about to see about that.

And before we knew it.. “Be Mig” started echoing through the speakers and the show started.


They walked onstage to the tunes of Björnes Magasin and opened their show forcefully with “Det Finns Bara Krig” and pretty much the entire crowd turned into a battlefield. But I guess, what else could I be expecting?

“Kall Död Hand” was next on the list, before heading into one of the new songs – “Bunkern”. And it was quite the crowdpleaser, if you ask me! From the bunker into the death with “Dieseldöden”.

“Bothniablod” followed suit, and you know. Something I notice with this band is this.

The place is packed. And every single person in the room seem to know every single song. This band is popular, beyond anything else. Why don’t they tour more often? Or is this the reason, to make sure to maximize profit? Who knows?

“Änglar” Followed up before it was time for another new song, “Ovtjarka”. “Hjärteblod” was next song on the list, followed by what I can only assume is like one of the most popular songs from Raubtier, judging my few experiences in seeing them “Achtung Panzer”.

The band on stage, are delivering better than good this evening. The energy they radiate would get pretty much anyone to.. go beserk? Is that the best way to describe the primal behaviour of the majority that is this crowd? Somwhere along this place in the set, the crowd is getting, very, very, nasty. And we aren’t talking moshpit nasty because that is more than fine.

“Vittring” followed suit before Buffeln got some time in the spotlight for an amazing drumsolo which lead into “Polarvargen”, which was amazingly beautiful. “Götterdämmerung” was next, and it was swiftly followed with “Sveriges Elit”.

“Besten i Mig” and “Dobermann” wrapped up the first part of the set, and the band left the stage.. for a moment as per usual and came back. Started off the encores with a new song, “Högt, Fritt, Blött” before launching into “Världsherravälde”.

And at this point.. Things got real nasty. For some reason, we managed to get a guy behind us who must have been really high on Alfahanne’s testosteronfilled chants, because he thought it was a good idea to start really going for it at me and Toivo. At some point it turned into a complete assault, and gladly, he was removed.. Not by security guys, but by other guys around us, Toivo being the one who pushed him away at first. Where are the security when you need it?

“Kamphund” and “Låt Napalmen Regna Ner” wrapped up the show for this time, and the band thanked for themselved and left the stage.

Aside the shitty event that happened towards the end, this was a really nice show. Enjoyable, and I can’t wait to see them again some time! Thank you!

// Sara



Powerwolf @ Frimis Salonger, Örebro, Sweden 21/10 – 16

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So, this day could not come sooner, if you ask me. I had had some strong PCD right after the Stockholm show, so this couldn’t come any sooner if you ask me. And conveniently enough, this round was in Örebro, a tad bit closer.

I had originally planned to go somewhere around 13, but being a bit of a timeoptimist or something, I wound up leaving at, I don’t know, 13.30? Something like that, BUT, what made it perfect was the fact that for some reason, the mail were early today. And I saw my mum coming in with a brown CDON envelope, and I just instantly started growling “Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga”, because, I don’t know if you know, but Lady Gaga’s new album “Joanne” was released today. Like, the album I didn’t think would ever come. And it was so perfect that it arrived in time, it left me with new tunes to listen to in the car on my way to Örebro.

So, I packed everything into the Festival Van as I call it – in other words, when the backseat + trunk has been turned into a small caravan with matress, storing units, iPod speakers and lamps for someone to live in, and headed off toward Örebro.

And firstly… hearing Lady G’s voice again, on new tunes, after all these years were pure heaven. And especially the song “Dancing in Circles”, like, holy fuck. What a tune. But, I’ll get back to “Joanne” in my review of the album, but, yeah, I had a lot of fun passing cars and “screaming” to them that it “WASN’T LOOOOOVE, IT WASN’T LOOOOVE IT WAS A PERFECT ILLUSIOOOONNNN”

So, pitstop at my favorite Örebro-ing Subway on Västhagagatan, I had a fine dinner and blasted some Civil War in the car while getting ready for the show, and then heading over to the venue.

When I had looked at pictures, it seemed like it was a lot of parking spots, but upon arrival (and of course I drove the wrong way at first) I noticed pretty much all of them were reserved. Gladly, Paula came to my rescue and told me there were some unmarked spots where the others had their cars, so finally I could park.

And then, I could finally go and say hi to the gang, and starting with Madlen whom I haven’t seen since Clermont-Ferrand. It was nice seeing her again! We took off rather quick again, for Paula and Ted to have some dinner and for me to use a restroom. But once back again, we could properly catch up.

When we saw a large crowd approaching, we decided to get in the line, just in case you know, and once they opened the doors we, calmly, walked in and claimed the front row positions. I did look forward to actually seeing this show from the front for once, and with my babygirl with me as well!

After a fairly long wait with catching up with long time no see friends and just generally hanging out, it was time for Civil War to begin.

Civil War

I can begin here to say that the stage was very small. Like, there was literally about 50 cm or so for Patrik to be on, Paula actually asked me “They are four in CW right?” and I’m like “Nope, five” and she was like “Oh dear…” But you know, small stages, the intimacy with the band, it’s quite amazing don’t you think?

They started off their set with “USS Monitor” and seriously, it was just a go right away. Expect for one thing. A little before Civil War had arrived, one of the most obnouxious people arrived. Some drunk guy who felt entitled to claim space he actually came too late to get. And when I called him out on it, he started getting aggressive. Oh. What a start. If it wasn’t enough, he kept going all through Civil War.


All that aside, it was an amazing set. I’m not sure if it was because I had been awaiting this day, or if it was because of the intimacy, but seriously, it was just sooo good. I can’t wait ’til this band go on tour again. Thank you, Civil War!

Gladly, right after this, the annoying guy and his entourage disappeared, and we could quickly reunite with our friends for the brief pause between the bands. Of course, this didn’t last for long becasue Mr Annoying were of course returning about five minutes before Powerwolf went on stage. Of course. What else.

And this is where it’s starting to get a bit heated. Like, very heated, between me and him. But it was just to shrug it off, because you can’t let someone like that ruin the show. Especially not when the lights finally went out and the intro started.


And then you know… “BENEDICTUS…” It’s like you’re lost and everything disappears. Well, almost, except for Mr Annoying. But it didn’t really stop us at first. They continued on with “Coleus Sanctus” just as preciously, and in all honesty, the situation with the guy behind me started getting out of hand. They continued on with “Amen & Attack” and like I’ve told you so many times, this song is one of my absolute favorites live. And there was no exception for today. Except, you know.

It’s one thing to have a crowdpressure behind you, but this guy was just being a jerk about it. Trying to squeeze in between me and Paula, dryhumping me, touching me at a point… We called over the guards, and no less than three people put in complaints about the same guy, but the security simply said “this is what it is”. And this is the time I feel someone staring at me. And I soon catch the eyes of no one less than Roel.

With gestures, he’s asking me if I’m okay, telling me he also noticed the jerk behind me and that he’ll be watching me. How sweet isn’t that?

After still having no luck with the securities, and all three of us running real tired of his shit, I got Roel’s attention again, asking if I was ok, signaling I’m alive but this guy is just bullshit. He basically let me know he’s gonna handle it, and at first I was like… ok? Whatever, what can you do? All you can do is move on with the show.

So understand what an unreal moment it was for me, when the tourmanager of Powerwolf appeared, pointed the guy out and said to the guards “I want this guy removed from the venue”. Guards tried to argue a little, but the manager stood his ground, and a security guard came and evicted him from the area. I thanked Roel over and over again for this, and he let me know it was no problem.

And seriously. Can we just… I’ve never had anything like this happening before, and in all honesty, can we just appriciate this? For a moment? How they seem to really look after their fans to put up with bullshit?

Somewhere in the midst of this, songs as “Sacred and Wild”, “Army of the Night” and “Resurrection by Erection” was pulled off. From here, it’s a little bit of a blur because of the drama, but all was fine for “Armata Strigoi” although I felt like I wasn’t even there.

This was followed by “Dead boys don’t Cry” and “Let There Be Night”. And seriously, as you noticed, “Kreuzfeuer” is out of the setlist, but I love “Let There Be Night” almost as much, you know, it’s the feeling of this song when it’s played live… like you are lifted to higher levels or something. Right now I have no idea how to possible explain it.


“Werewolves of Armenia” was next, followed by “In The Name of God”. They wrapped up the set with “We Drink Your Blood” and “Lupus Dei” before leaving the stage for a swift moment only to arrive again.

“Sanctified with Dynamite”, “Saturday Satan” and “All We Need is Blood” wrapped up an amazing set for the night.

Thank you Powerwolf for this amazing show, and thank you Roel and tourmanager for making it bearable. I said to Daniel after the show, that it’s something about this band – it’s just so addictive. For everytime you see them, you get the urge and need to see them even more.

We caught up with our friends for a quick picture, and then off to the merch where I got the chance to say hi to the guys in Civil War once more, and then later join my friends in the parkinglot for a last good bye.

Thank you, to everyone who was at the show for making it the best possible ever – Dani, Toni, Madlen, Paula, Ted, Robert, Powerwolf, Civil War and the unknown girl whom I fought the guy with – thank you all.


Oh. I got some delicious bruises from the annoying guy as well.

bruise1 bruise2

// Sara