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Reckless Love @ Electric Ballroom, London, United Kingdom 19/11 -16

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Alrighty. It was quite the interesting day I guess you could say – straight out of work I went to the bus, that was of course late. And the thing is… I guess, the thing is, I had a pretty narrow flight – the flight was departing two hours after arrival with the bus, and while you know me – I don’t like waiting at airports, so technically, this is perfect for me, but on the same time, I don’t like when the bus is late. I like to have the idea that I can take my time at the airport, to check in and all that.

So, 15 minutes late the bus arrives, but it was no big deal – we made it to the airport almost on time, so kudos to the busdriver I guess! Got checked in, dropped my luggage and proceeded to my plane. I was going through a rather long day actually – due to the last minute decision and last minute bookings, I was having some rather inconvenient flightchanges – first off to Düsseldorf which is the absolute wrong way, and then back up to London.

For the first time in my life I have no experienced a very very turbulent flight. It almost felt like I was riding a roller coaster or something, which made it a wee bit difficult to sleep, which I had planned. Once arrived in Düsseldorf, I decided to get some lunch, only to realize this airport lacks any sort of selection for food. There are some very exclusive places, but barely any for a snack. So I eventually wound up on something similar to 7-Eleven and a halftasty sandwich. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how much your standards just DROP once on tour.

I headed back toward my gate, got on the plane and could FINALLY enjoy any sort of sleep on the plane. Once in London, I got on the train directly to King’s Cross and heading to the hotel and start getting ready for tonights show. I arrived around 15, and much to my dismay and panic, the doors actually opened already at 18.

So quickly getting ready, a quick change and then heading off. Camden is actually only about 5 minutes with the tube from where we lived, and if I wanted to, a 30 minute walk. But if I got myself an Oystercard you can be damn sure I’ll be using it. So, once in Camden, at first a bit disoriented, I found it.

The Electric Ballroom.


I’m not sure how many of you readers know, but The Electric Ballroom is somewhat of an iconic and legendary venue for the sleaze scene in Europe – anyone who’s into, certianly newer sleaze bands such as Crashdïet, Sister or conveniently – Reckless Love, know about this venue. This venue, and this area everyone has talked about. As someone who’s now having one foot in the 80’s and sleaze gutter, and one foot firmly screwed in powermetal, it was a warm coming-home kind of feeling finally getting to this venue. Sofia and I had planned going here many years ago, but because of reasons it couldn’t happen.

I arrived in the middle of the first supportband, that I sadly never caught the name of, which is a big shame as they were actually really really good. At the end of this show, I run into Renata that I haven’t seen for AGES. Oh my God! And the surprised face she gave me as she saw me there. The confusion! It was great catching up with her after all this time.

And then, it was time for The Treatment

The Treatment

So, Michelle and I have some really old inside jokes about this band from years back when they toured with Steel Panther, and it’s honestly so hard not to think about that when I watch the band. But, they delivered a very good set, and the audience seemed to love them!

Reckless Love

I went to the bathroom after the show, and sadly lost Renata and her friends, so I enjoyed the gig from the back, which can also be nice. It has been some time, or well, since maybe Sabaton Open Air, that I actually enjoyed a show from the back.

Much to my enjoyment, the boys opened the set with “Animal Attraction”. I could write about how I actually feel about that song, but that would make the blog Rated R, because it sure as hell are other things in, or on me, that gets happy whenever I hear that song. So, it’s safe to say we were off to a good start.

They followed up with “So Happy I Can Die” and then the videosingle of their most recent album – “Monster”. Seriously, I love this song, and this band so much. Can I just… take them home? “Pretty Boy Swagger” followed suit before it was time for an oldie but goodie – “Beautiful Bomb”. Bubblegum rock at it’s finest, isn’t it?


The band was very energetic. As I remember them. Always being happy, always giving 110% on stage. They are four happypills walking on two legs forcing you to smile, even if you so wanted to cry. This is why I love them, or well, one out of many reasons.

“Badass Baby” is next on the list, followed by “Edge of Our Dreams”… And you know. This song is pure magic. This, THIS Very song my friends – this song is magic in one song. And the live performance of the song, with the dreamy lights made this one of the biggest highlights of the entire show. I cannot express how much I love this song, or perhaps even, how much this song means to me.

“Scandinavian Girls” was next on the list – and first of all – this is my absolute favorite song off “InVaders”, and secondly… It’s something truly special and remarkable hearing a song about Scandinavian girls, specifically, when you are abroad. At the moment it made me proud of my heritage, and it just gives you that extra sense of… belonging. I always loved that this band singles out Scandinavian girls specifically in their songs (also in “Hot”), finally, you know?

“Born to Break Your Heart” was next on the list, followed by “Wild Touch”, “Rock It” and then my personal favorite off “Animal Attraction” – actually, that whole album is just one big favorite, but I have a soft spot for “On The Radio”, it’s just such a crowd friendly song – and the crowd proved it too!


I thought the crowd generally wasn’t as active as I would have wished them to be – but I’m starting to wonder if it was a shitty crowd, or if I’ve been away from this scene too much that I don’t even remember how these crowd behaves.

They wrapped up the set with “Night on Fire” and FINALLY, the crowd, more or less, exploded. Finally! Took them long enough.

They left the stage and then returned kicking off with “We are the Weekend” and then ending the entire night with “Hot”. I just love this song. It’s the ultimate jumping and dancing song. Actually, anything Reckless Love just calls for sexual dancing all night long.

The band thanked for themselves, and I headed off to the merch – I can’t control myself clearly, but I also felt the need to really have a souvenir from this pretty amazing night. Thank you so much Reckless Love, this night was just beyond me – throwing me back so many years in my own music listening, and making me eager to get back more to the scene. Some time. You know.

After the show, I headed home pretty directly in an attempt to catch some sleep before the big day tomorrow, which Niki and Nathan ensured I would not get any sleep by texting me all evening, sending pictures from their amazing night. Fuck you guys, I love you, but fuck you.

// Sara