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Skogsröjet 2015: Day two, Saturday 1/8

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I went to bed too late yesterday and got up too soon, or at least it felt like it. I had put my alarm to 11, and the first band I wanted to see started at 11.30, but when I looked at the clock it was around 8. So of course, I decided to snooze. Or at least I tried to, didn’t work out to well seeing I’m at a FESTIVAL CAMPING. A place where people party 24/7. Should have known. But I guess I managed somehow, because before I knew it the time was around 11 and I PANICKED because there’s no way I’ll get done in time. Gladly, the weather was good so half a bread, mascara stains and a pair of shorts and Korpiklaani tank later I found myself at the festival area (Bless the camping being so close to the area!) watching Beyond Visions

Beyond Visions

So, Beyond Visions is a five-piece band formed in 2007. They released their debut album in 2o13, and was the first band to enter the stage this day. There were a bit more people there than I would expect, but still no massive crowds – but none of this stopped frontwoman Rebecka to deliver a powerful set backed by the rest of the band. I was impressed and really liked what I heard! Good job!


Honeymoon Disease

So, right after this I headed over the the other stage to catch the second band of the day; Honeymoon Disease. It’s a four-piece rock n roll band from Gothenburg formed in 2014. They have released two singles, one in 2014, one in 2015 and are set to release their debutalbum this autumn.

They brought on a good show with great energy, and even though I’m usually not into this kind of music, they managed to convince me! Good on them. I’d urge you all to check them out!



Running back to the first stage, it was time to catch the Västerås-based four-piece that is Tyranex. They have released two albums so far – “Extermination” in 2011 and “Unable to Tame” in 2014.

The crowd was a bit bigger this time around, and Linnea… she’s insane. Holy hell, the way she sings and the way she plays, I literally had to write to Antoine and tell her what a killer she is on guitar. It was a powerful and energetic gig with a charismatic frontwoman, and if the two bands I had already seen had impressed me, this band went far beyond.


The Terrorhawks

So, there sure was a lot of running back on forth between the two stages here in the early morning, and after Tyranex it was time to see the New Zealand based band The Terrorhawks. Or well, they are based in Gothenburg now. Their debut single was released during the spring, and the debut album is set to sometime in 2015.

The set was good. The energy was lacking a little bit, I must admit, I didn’t really feel a lot from them, but I’m gonna give them thumbs up for going through with their set!


After this, I first of all hit the merchstand to pick up on Beyond Visions and Tyranex albums and was set to see Hellshaker, when I noticed that the remote to my car was missing. The car-key was there, but the remote was gone. So I went back to the camp in order to look for it, hoping it was there, and while I was at it start to pack up. Gladly, the remote was in the tent and not lost somewhere randomly, even though I REALLY can’t understand how it got detached, since nothing was broken and it’s on a keyring.

Regardless, I started packing out and took two turns to load everything in the car. It took some time to remove all the baby snails and baby worms that were living on my tent, seeing it was placed in a water puddle, and it’s now full of mud because of the.. well, mud. I love this tent, but I’m glad we’re getting another one for next years festivals.

I made it back to the festival area pretty much in time to catch Imber, however, I decided against it. I’ve never been a bigger fan of their music, and I felt that I at least once on this festival should be front row, so I went to pick up a bottle of water and headed over to Bandit stage and started the hour long wait for Bloodbound.


So, last week when we saw them at Noch Ein Bier the set was pretty short, so I was rather excited to see them doing a longer set at another venue with BETTER WEATHER. And again, to avoid making a Noch ein Bier long post, I’ll keep it short.

First of all, we learned pretty early in the set that Patrik’s father had passed away the day before the show. It was quite a shocking thing to learn, and I salute him, and the band for pushing through with the show.

They played a bunch of my favorite songs -such as “Moria”, “When all Lights Fail” and, biggest surprise to me – “Nightmares from the Grave”. I absolutely low this song. It was massive hearing it live. Although, I must admit I missed “Satanic Panic” a bit.

But over all – very good show, good energy and good set. And especially seeing the circumstances, we should all raise the horns one more time for them.



After this, I went over to the other stage to catch the first few songs of Besserbitch before getting in line for the Bloodbound signing session, but I realized pretty quick that I could BOTH stand in line and still see Besserbitch! Bingo!

Besserbitch is a four piece band from Stockholm formed in 2008, released their first two EPs on their own label and gave out their debut album in 2013.

First of all: Where’s the crowd? Seeing the playtime they got, you’d assume they’d have a big crowd. Bloodbound had a full crowd, so people where there, but none seemed to stay for Besserbitch. It was perhaps around 10-20 people, and I wanna add we weren’t THAT many in line for Bloodbound signing session, and NO OTHER BAND was playing at the same time. It’s like the band doesn’t draw an audience.

And while their music is good, I can see why. Now, I’ve never seen this band before, but where is the stage presence of the singer? I spoke of it yesterday, the importance of stage presence, something Jocke and Erik got, but also Mia(Crucified Barbara) and Linnea (Tyranex). That was completely lacking here. Maybe it was a bad day, who knows, but I almost felt like… I should go away, I don’t know how to put it better. It was surprising, to say the least.


The signing session started in the middle of the set, so I missed out on half a song. It went pretty quickly – Patrik wasn’t there, and I had a quick chat with Fredrik about Noch Ein Bier and the weather there, before getting back to Besserbitch. The crowd was less now than it began with. What the heck just happened? Afterwards, I headed back to Bandit to see Junkstars.


In an attempt to make the festival worth it’s money, I decided to try to catch as many bands as I could today, so it was time to see Junkstars, formerly known as Rock n Roll Allstars. They were supposed to be the final act of the day, but as a result of Doro cancelling, they got her time and Bullet filled in her spot.

It was a good set they delivered with good energy, and you can tell they hit home with the audience, as there were quite a few people there. I still think Junkstars and U.D.O. should have switched, but still. Good to see some energetic and charismatic people on stage. Those are my favorites.


Right after Junkstars, which finished a bit earlier than Doro’s original time, I went to buy some last minute items and headed to the car to get dressed for colder weather and drop off my newly bought merchandise. On my way, I bumped into Robert and it was SOOO Great seeing him there. We had a quick chat before I ran to the car, fixed my shit, and ran back the the venue to catch U.D.O.


I’ve been looking forward to see U.D.O ever since I reviewed his album earlier this year, “Decadent” is sure one fine piece of work. So I was very, very glad to see him playing Skogsröjet.

The set was really good, he was on top and delivered a good gig, but I must admit I’m a bit unsure as to WHY he’d play the small stage. The crowd was PACKED in front of it, and people on the side could barely see anything. It would almost have been better if they did what Sweden Rock did, to put him earlier in the day, or, following the cancellation of Doro, but him in Doro’s scheduled time and Junkstars on U.D.O’s. Oh well, what can you do?

What I’m especially fond of is him playing “Pain”. It was always a favorite of mine on the album, and I’m usually so unlucky with favorite songs that this hit hard at home.

Good show, good energy, good set. Loved it!


Dream Theater

After U.D.O, it was time for the last gig of the day and the festival for me, Dream Theater. I’ve heard of the band, but never really paid a lot of attention to their music, but I have a few friends who are fond of them, and therefore decided to see them.

They celebrate thirty years as a band, and therefore played material from all of their albums, which was pretty nice, or I guess so for the die hard fans.

The show was good, and I really enjoyed it. It was a good ending to a good festival.


After this, I went to pick up some last minute candy for the ride home, prepared my car and left the festival for this year. I got home already around 2 am in the morning, which was really good. To sleep in your own bed.


Thanks to all the bands for this festival, you made it what it is. And thank you, Skogsröjet, for once again proving you the best biggest smallest festival in Sweden.

// Sara