New Mask – OX

So here he is! The hellbull, up and close. OX has never been among my favorite costumes before – I have liked him, but he’s never been among my favorite designs.

Until now.

Because for the first time, probably ever with OX, I felt absolutely terrified when I saw him.

He’s gone from being an ordingary carcass of a bull to some mix between Belsebub and Krampus looking extremely vicious. The brand new red skintone doesn’t exactly help either – making him look like he burned in hell and returned to haunt the lives of us puny peasants.

His hair seem to come in dreads now, rather than one big wig as it was before, unless this is just a trick of the image, and I love the skull pearls that has been added to it.

Now, I can’t even begin to wait for the full on body shots to investigate the bodies a bit more.

// Sara

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