As Long As The Raven Flies

It’s been some time since blogging, but it’s time to cover some of the things that happened. Like the Sabaton Cruise. Out of convenience reasons, we headed off to Stockholm the day before in fact.

So, for once in my life I was in fact very well prepared, so I got up in the morning like nothing, took my bag and headed off to the buss where I started working my ass off, because I really wanted to be done with work sooner rather than later to be honest. The busride was uneventful – Sofia boarded in Örebro and I kept on working because it was a real slow day – even at the end of a five hour busride ish, I wasn’t done. Oh well.

We stayed around at the busstation to wait for Szilvi who was on her way from the airport, and after some time finally we found her.

Once we found her, we headed off to the hotel, took a break to sit down and catch our breathes before going out to find some place to eat. We decided on this really nice asian restaurant where they had a real nice buffet, where we had a great dinner.

Made it back to the hotel where I finished work, took a shower and hung out until we dropped dead. Tomorrow it was time for the cruise!

// Sara

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