Any Way You Want It

So, the day of the departure came. We talked to our host and was granted an hour to sleep in, which was much welcome for us! We packed up our stuff and said good bye to Laura as she was heading off to a different destination than the rest of us, and the three of us others headed off to Cologne.

It was kind of nice. Sjorven and me in the front, and Niki doing her best to keep up with us behind. She did a great job by the way.

Once at the airport I got checked in, we said our good byes and then I went on my plane. I had a stopover in Hamburg, so I stopped by this supercool burger diner which burger was too much for me to finish, and then got on my plane home. Which was of course delayed, because why not? But lucky me, there is a very late bus, so I got home all in all!

So, this was an amazing weekend. Thanks to all of you people who made this weekend so amazing as it was! Kisses to all of you!

// Sara

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