Late night called for getting up late the next day. Do you know how divine it was to actually sleep in, for like, once in your life? Absolutely amazing. That is what it is, I tell you. Everyone thinks this lifestyle is fun and games, and it is, most of the time, but it has it’s bad sides. Like going to bed superlate, and getting up early. Oh how I love it.

We started our morning watching yet another episode of “Zoo” and then… miraculously we got up. He showed me around his stuff, as well as his new house that he’s building, or, re-building I should say.

After this, we went into Gent as I had discovered the day before they had a NYX store. Like, a store, with only NYX products. What the hell? And it was right next to Primark, at that! So I asked if we could pretty please go there, and so we did.

Once there I got a new foundation, I figured it was time I tried something new, one of the Lingere lipsticks (Teddy) and two new glitters for the eyes. I loved the ones I already had at home, so it was natural to continue.

I got back into Primark for like, one last check and got out with some make up supplies, most importantly, this amazing LED mirror that lights up. Thank you! I needed that. No more putting up weird constructions to get a flashlight in my face. Hallelujah!

We were about to head down to The Body Shop, when we noticed a Suicune raid was about to happen, so we dodged over there to participate. Of course I didn’t get it.

We made our way to The Body Shop as well as Claires, I picked up a soap for my bathroom and a pair of earrings before we decided to find some place to eat, and decided on this beautiful little restaurant called Neptune.

He had a steak, I had a salmon and we enjoyed a pleasant dinner. We went out in the Gent night to play a bit more Pokemon, participating in yet another raid and, well surprise, again I didn’t get it. We took a leap around the park to catch some last pokéstops before deciding to head home, closing into midnight. I was leaving early in the morning the next day, so we figured we better get our sleep.

// Sara

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