So, up somewhat early. This hotel, or hostel, actually had a later check out than the others. Yay! And the way they dealt with breakfast was also different – what you did is that you prebooked your breakfast, and then it was left for you in the kitchen. This way, you could have breakfast any time you wanted in the day. This is so smart and perfect. No hours to check or anything! I loved it.

After this, I checked out and headed off to the train station to get toward Sjorven’s place. It was gonna be a couple of changes, and once I reached Brussels I took a quick stop to get changed and ready, and we decided we’d meet up in Gent rather than me getting all the way home to him, as I wanted to stop by at Primark. We don’t carry that shit in Sweden you know?

And being on the train to Gent, getting myself ready, reminded me of some of the things I love the most about tourlife. Getting changed in a trainstation, putting on your makeup on the train and just waiting for the arrival to your destination.

Once in Gent, I waited for Sjorven to arrive, which he did, and then we started making our way to Primark. Since it was on pretty much the opposite side of where we were going, he took the opportunity to show me around as well, while we were at it, you know.

So, Primark. I got in, got a pair of pants and a travel mug only actually. While in there, miraculously, Sjorven managed to arrange a table at the restaurant we already thought were full, but apparently someone cancelled. Halleuljah for us!

The place is a ribs place, and it’s an all you can eat kind of place. So whenever you finished your ribs, you just order in a new round. I finished one set personally, no idea for the other one.

After dinner, we walked around the city playing a bit of Pokémon… and we did this raid alright. I sacrificed my hardworking Abra’s for him, so he could get an Alakzam.. and it’s funny. Because I caught my Alakazam at 20.59, which means, I caught it right before the Halloween event went down, whereas Sjorven caught his 21.01, which means he got the benefits. On the other hand – I probably became one of the first people in the world to catch a generation 3 one! I guess it’s something.

After this, we finally went home to his place, watched an episode of “Zoo” before pretty much dying of exhaustion. It had been a long day, for sure.

// Sara

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