The Final Journey

So today was an interesting day. I’m changing cars, and because of this, I took BXW out on one last road trip before handing him over to my parents for new endavours. It was bittersweet as hell, since I really, truly, love this car. How much haven’t he and I got through?

As our final destination and roadtrip, I chose Rejmyre as destination. Mostly because this is the festival we didn’t make it to this year, as well as it being not too far away. So, with that said, I gathered all my favorite roadtrip CD’s and headed off.

The weather was interesting, but also perfect. Raining, sun, raining, sun – making sure we got everything out of it. I saw a lot of rainbows and at last… I made it to Rejmyre. And it was weird, I must admit to see the place without the festival going on, but I had a pleasant feeling going back there. The best festival on the planet, I’m telling you.


I wasn’t sure how to make it home though, as I on the long forest road noticed I didn’t have much gas left. Gladly, I found a small gasstation and could fill it up accordingly.

Around 22.30 at night we arrived home to the tunes of Accept’s “The Final Journey” as I, for the last time, exchange BXW to 236. So, the end of an era, and the birth of a new one. I’m sure 236 will do an equally good job, at least I so hope.

// Sara


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