June in Music

Alright! It’s that time of the month again, where I go over the most played artists and such. So, let’s start with most played bands.

5. Art Nation

Art Nation, Sweden’s new stars I guess you could call them. You guys know I’ve been obsessed with this ban since I saw them at Skogsröjet a year ago, and since seeing them on Sweden Rock I’ve been really high on them. Seriously, they are like H.E.A.T – they can do no wrong.

4. Amaranthe

Good old favorites. I was really happy to see them on Tons of Rock again. I love this band – like, if I was ever in a metalband – this would be the one. No joke.

3. Delain

Long time no see with this band – I haven’t seen them since November last year, up until now when I saw them at Tons of Rock. Charlotte Wessels speaks my mind. I can’t… Like, it’s almost as if she saw into my head and took out all my feelings.

2. Alestorm

No surprise. “No Grave But the Sea” is really growing on me, or well, at least the For Dogs version. I can’t put my finger on why I find myself listening to specifically that version – I guess it’s soothing in a way.

1. Sabaton

No wonder that the Golden boys are on top, am I right? I wrote a couple of days ago about my love for this band, and I find it hard to put into words how much I love them, and how much they mean to me. But yes, the Carolus Rex show at Tons of Rock is probably a big reason they are number one.

Alright, let’s move onto Albums:

5. Carolus Rex – Sabaton

Very suspected. After all, prepping for the Carolus Show was real, you know? And this album… I’m not sure if it’s my favorite Sabaton album ever, however, it is the album I’m most proud of, if it makes sense?

4. Bringer of Pain – Battle Beast

Battle Beast’s newest album still holds on tight to the top, and it should – it’s a killer album.

3. Liberation – Art Nation

I guess I could use the same as above – This album is killer, and I’m just addicted.

2. Edge of Thorns – Savatage

It’s intersting of this album seem to always make the toplist, yet Savatage never makes the top bands. “Edge of Thorns” is my relax album. Like people would use Enya, I use Savatage. Isn’t it funny how certain bands just get certain positions?

1. No Grave But The Sea – Alestorm

It’s the dogs. I’m telling you.

And lastly, here’s the top ten songs of this month:

1. Take Me Home – Art Nation
2. Gott Mit Uns – Sabaton
3. The March To War – Sabaton
4. Lejonet Från Norden – Sabaton
5. As I Lay Me Down (Acoustic) – Wiktoria
6. Gates of Glory – Twilight Force
7. As I Lay Me Down – Wiktoria
8. By The Blood in Our Hearts – Running Wild
9. Rebels of Our Time – Majesty
10. Riders of the Dawn – Twilight Force

// Sara

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