So, today the Second Chance of Melodifestivalen aired. I wasn’t too sure about all the songs as I missed one or two heats because of America, but I’ll talk a bit about the songs that got through.

The first duel was between De Vet Du an FO&O. FO&O wound up being the winner, and out of the two, I did prefer the latter. De Vet Du was… It was okay, I’m just very tired of those kind of songs. With that said, I am not a big fan of FO&O’s song.

Second duel was between Axel Schylström and Lisa Ajax. Another battle between songs I didn’t care too much about – but I favoured with Axel simply because it’s a nice songs. I have some sort of problem with these cocky songs at times. Lisa Ajax was the one who did qualify in the end, and it was well-deserved.

Third duel was between Boris Réne and Dismissed. I had heard neither of these prior to the Second Chance, but I fell in love with Dismissed. You could tell Ola Salo had written their song, and it felt like common sense were back in focus. Well deserved, but to my dismay, Boris René was the one who qualified.

Last heat was between Loreen and Anton Hagman. Out of all the songs that competed in this heat, these songs were the two I liked the best, so it did suck that they ended up dueling one another. I did have a bit more hope for Anton Hagman, and gladly, he was the one who got through!

I’m looking forward to the finale next week. My personal favorite, Wiktoria, has already made it through with her “As I Lay Me Down” so now I just gotta vote, vote vote vote vote for the winner!


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