There and Back Again

Traveling day today. You know, it’s been so long since I simply traveled to and from Stockholm from a show. It’s usually that I’ve come from somewhere else, and being completely fed up with everything traveling, but I had had a full, good, nights sleep before walking down to the busterminal for my mandatory Espresso House and write. It was a quiet busride home, and now I’m here.

Despite it being a short tour, I still feel the end of tour depression hitting in. I guess it doesn’t matter how great or not the tour was, or how big or small it was, I always end up here. I guess it’s this whole coming home thing after some delirious days that is just hard.

Some people wonder why I do multiple days, most of the time, of a tour. And the answer is very simple. Usually, when I’ve had my first dose, I always end up wanting more. Perhaps there were this moment of surprise when they finally play your favorite song (Lordi, “Icon of Dominance”), or perhaps the whole band as an experience are just that amazing (Powerwolf, Epica) which leaves you wanting more.

In some cases, it’s also about the people. In certain town, on certain shows, I have most of my friends going. And what is a better way to hang out, if not at an Amaranthe or a Battle Beast gig? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

And then it’s this whole thing… You never know what gig will be the last. And I want to make sure that once that happens – I will have no regrets. And if I made sure to see a band as many times as I really wanted to see them, I know I won’t regret anything. And that is the most important.


// Sara

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