Need You to Understand

Today I’ve been really prepping for the trip. After finally, finding the last missing pieces of my luggage, I have gotten in the mood for packing. I guess that is one of the worst traits that I have when it comes to traveling – I get stopped by something as simple as a piece of clothing or so missing, which puts forward the whole process because I cannot get over that one missing piece. But, it’s found, and now I’m on the road again, so to speak! For the first time in my life I’m really using travel size. Previously, I’ve been very judgemental toward myself and how much I use of stuff, and always been worried I’ll run out. But now I’ve really tested how long it lasts, and it’s way longer than I’ll be gone, so it’s good!


It’s going to be a hectic last week before departure, with a lot of workinterviews as well as work, and trying to pull it all together. I told myself I had to do a lot of things before this trip, naturally, as per usual, I have done none. I hope I can pick myself up starting tomorrow, to at least you know, get the Go-Pro running.

With that said, I’m now going to bed actually. Short entry I know, and sadly I think that is what you will have to expect from me these couple of days.

// Sara

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