REVIEW: Vanishing Point – Tangled in a Dream (Re-release)

Yet another re-release are seeing the light from AFM Records, and this time it’s Vanishing Point, the Australian progressive metal band. This album went out of press many, many years ago and isn’t available on any digital streaming services – making this a way to re-discover the band, and yours truly is one of them. So, despite of this being a re-release, I’ll treat it as a normal album.

The album opens with a pretty epic intro and opening song – very cinematic, lures you in only to leave the listeners a little… well, I don’t know how to say this in a not too harsh way – but I wasn’t too impressed with the first couple of songs. I literally dozed off a bit at the start, even though it did get interesting at certain parts, it never got to me, but gladly – the album picked up it’s pace starting with the fifth song on the album “Never Walk Away” which is a bit of a heavier than the others.

But, I’m not entirely convinced until “Two Minds One Soul”. Good works with keyboard accessories combined with dance-able melodies makes this my favorite track of the album all in all. The now aquired heaviness continues in “When I awake” before launching us into a very beautiful ballad – “Dancing with the Devil”. The album is wrapped up in a very dreamy and trippy good night lullaby in “Tangled in a Dream”.

It’s an okay album, if you ask me. It could be a lot better – could also be a lot worse, I reckon. I’m not to big of a fan, but on the same time it is good to have this little gem in my collection, after all.

This edition comes with 10 bonus track – A “Samsara II” which in my opinion is a lot better than the first, despite being a re-recording. It features two coversongs by Journey and Pink Floyd, two Japanese edition bonus tracks and five live versions of their songs, making the edition, aside the material, a bit interesting.

(Label: AFM Records)

CDON I Ginza

// Sara

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