Talk of the Town

Work all day have left me quite… tired to say the least. I guess it’s because, for the moment, it’s not every day, which fucks a little bit with my cycles. But I’m getting better – I’m actually getting in bed on time, getting up in time on the mornings etc, so it’s a big personal improvement. From being someone who simply could not get out of bed, to someone who gets up at 5.45, it’s pretty good, don’t you think?

Aside work, I’ve continued to work on my room. It has stopped being about the floor, and nowadays more about the small shelves and spaces, clearing out space to put things, or perhaps even pressing things together. I had two shelves with one box each containing fabric and sewing things. So unnecessary! Shoved it together in one box, and stored the box on a completely different location, so now I got a lot of space. Or well, I had some space. I finally did the thing and moved away my Nightmare on Elm Street movie collection, which shared the shelf with some KISS videotapes, to make room for my perfumes.


Now, that made it sound like I have a lot, but I don’t. Well, yet. I plan to try out some new ones – Katy Perry’s “Mad Potion” being one, and also one of Taylor Swift’s. Taylor’s will be a blind buy, so I have to read in carefully which one to pick. But, that is a different story and topic.


I plan to have some additional stuff made. Firstly, Eurovision, or Mello-Hamster survived the cut. I spmly cannot remove my festive Eurovision hamster. And Perry, he’s everywhere. Always. I have some plans to make this space even better, by adding some photographies of Katy and Gaga, but since I want my own pictures, that I photographed, it has to wait a little.

The good thing, what makes me really happy, is actually seeing how little stuff is being moved around. It’s barely anything left, and it just makes me relieved. Because I could really use buying those tickets to the show in the US, and then FINALLY start packing. I really want to have it done asap, in case some things come up.

// Sara


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