He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)

So, today was my mothers birthday, so we did some low scale celebrations for that. It was a pretty nice little dinner and cake and all of that, celebrating her special day a little extra. I love doing small things for people. It’s really the small, everyday thing that counts.

Besides that, I’m still working on my room. It’s.. slowly, but yet quickly coming together. I see the end of the tunnel, and hopefully it’ll make my days a bit easier. I’ve managed to clear out an entire workspace, with that said I mean I even made room for folders and all other things you might need when running your own business, so I’m excited about finally having everything on the same place, and neatly as well, not just stacked on top of each other everywhere.

I’ve also started really prepping for tour. It’s still almost a month away, but seriously, it will come sooner than you’d think. I listened through all of my Epica albums today, and tomorrow I’ll probably go over Powerwolf. I cannot believe I will finally see them so soon, and again. I can’t wait. Seeing Powerwolf again will pretty much KILL ME.

With that said, I’ll now go to bed with Anders. Well, not literally, but the book. Pervs.

// Sara

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