All In

So, I was hit with an aggressive dose of sinusitis a few days ago which have left me completely knocked out. Like, I’m not even joking – I’ve spent evenings and also this morning crying out in the pain I felt in my forehead caused by this. Gladly, I got some painkiller that do literally kill the pain, so hopefully I’ll be good from now on.

But, I did get some things done before it hit me like truck, and the first and perhaps most major thing is that I got to collect my Sabaton beers. And they are sooo pretty! I can’t wait to try them out. Soon enough, hopefully!


I also took some time to stop by Knastret, our amazing little second hand musicstore we have down a cellar by the big square. My father traded some vinyls there almost a year ago, so I had some store credit to collect. At last, my decision for today fell on two albums – first one is Kamelot’s “The Fourth Legacy”, I figured that after being absolutely mesmerized with their performance at Skogsröjet and also being in love with the few song Elize is featured on, it was time for me get more familiar with the band.

The second album is Savatage’s “Gutter Ballet”. I absolutely fell in love with Savatage after getting their album “Edge of Thorns” (Thank you Powerwolf!) and it was about time to extend the collection a bit. “Edge of Thorns” are one of those albums of mine that I cannot stop listening to, no matter how many times I hear it, I never grow tired of it. This is the album I put on when laying down in a warm bath or when I need some good music while working. And trust me, I don’t say this about a lot of albums, so it’s a pretty sensational thing.


With all of this being said, I am now retiring to bed. I’m probably way beyond my bedtime right now, as I feel my body starting to ache a bit again, lets hope I can fall asleep peacefully, shall we?

Good night people!

// Sara


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