Let Her Go

So today, I’ve sort of started my re-decoration of my room. Essentially, it’s time for me to let go of old things that I’ve been holding onto for way to long. Things that I still may love, but that doesn’t bring me the happiness they should be. So, what I was doing first was to remove an entire section of old Funtasie books, only keeping the Lurlene McDaniel ones as I did really love those, in order to move the music memoirs there. The plan is in fact to move all the books that I read and enjoy to the small bookcase, as there is where I read. But small steps!


Secondly, I started updating my “metal” display. In order to update it, I removed some Eurovision trivia that sadly with go down the box and built a tower to fit everything. I’m actually thinking about boxing up Frozen until further notice, but I haven’t gone the distance just yet.


My next few projects involves finishing the grammophone space as well as the larger bookcase. I plan to remove the computergames, into the shelf where the musicbiographies were, and then fill the other spaces with other things in order to open it up and get it less cluttered. But, that will wait for another day.

// Sara

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