Sally Face

So, Christmas continues around here, and today my disposable cameras for the tour has arrived! I really hope I get the result I’m seeking with these cameras, but at least it’s worth the shot you know! I can’t believe I’m leaving on Wednesday, that the tour has actually arrived!

But, let’s ignore that for a moment. Let me talk to you about something else.

When I was at Kyo’s the other weekend for our The Sims weekend, we watch a gameplay by Jacksepticeye where he played an episodic click to point game called “Sally Face”. It’s basically about Sal, a boy with a dark past and a prosthetic face that moves into a building where something terrible has happened, and it all evolves in the game. The first episode ended with the worst of cliffhanger, and we found out that you can indiegogo fund the developer so he can finish the series.

I would really personally want to finish this game, so I decided to pledge 25 dollars to the developer in hopes of getting it done, AND NOW I’m asking you people are attending my little space on the internet to also go in and pledge, even if you aren’t interested in the game, do it for the sake of letting one man finish his project. You can donate as little as five dollars, or perhaps even less for all I know, so in in in! Click >HERE< to get to the Indiegogo page!

// Sara

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