Well, I guess that is literally what you could say about today’s arrivals. It’s funny, because I was literally, just an hour earlier, complaining to my mother about one of the things, that it hadn’t arrived yet, but finally it came! So what was in my million arrivals?

First and foremost, “Insurgent”. I have technically not even begun “Divergent” just yet, but I also know that once I start I’ll be hooked. Not only because of it being (potentially) good, but because of the fact that I always want to finish a book. And with that said, I want to have the follow up close to hand, so now I’ll have both “Divergent” and “Insurgent” with me on the trip, and saving “Allegiant” for later. I doubt that I’ll need to bring that one as well. Or perhaps I should? I’m thinking about my five hour hole in Oslo… my late nights in Paris… My flights all over… Perhaps I should bring “Allegiant” as well. In all honesty, the book I really wanted is “The Last Star”, but since I read “The Fifth Wave” and “The Infinite Sea” in Swedish, I’d prefer to read “The Last Star” in Swedish as well, so I don’t end up confused but GUESS WHAT. It’s not translated yet. Fuck my life, huh?


Second package contained some travelnecessities – a soap container to keep my soap in (I use hard soap, in case you didn’t know) and also a small travel mirror. I have a few of those lying around, but I always lose them. This one I thought I could put permanently in my red backpack.


And lastly, an album I have been awaiting for, well, what feels like, a long time. Sweet Creature’s “The Devil Knows My Name”


It was a little while ago I pledge for this album, or contributed on Indiegogo, I really don’t remember wherefrom. However, this is the new / side project of Martin Sweet, current bassplayer of Sister and also the guitarist in Crashdiet. So, trust me when I saw that I have really looked forward to hear this, especially with Crashdiet being on a break or so for now.

// Sara

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