The Funky Algorithm

Ahh! Despite FedEx technically saying this would arrive a little later, as in tomorrow, so imagine my surprise when I got downstair today only to see that it had already arrived! Ahh.


I have been waiting to get this one so I finally could have the album on my iPod, and put in some of the songs (like “Edge of the Blade”) on my work out iPod. I get so ridiculously pumped from that song! So, what was in this fine little box then?

First and foremost, a wall flag. I am absolutely IN LOVE with the artwork for this album, beyond obsessed with it, so naturally I want this on as much as possible. However, as someone who’s been using wallflags as window blinds, I didn’t expect the size of this one.


Just look at the size of that. It’s mindblowing! I’m not even sure if it will fit where I had originally planned it to. I will have to see.

The next thing, is a holographic projector. You put it on your smartphone, and you will see holographic images appear. I haven’t tried it out properly yet, so I’ll get back to you with results as soon as I had the oppurtunity to do it!


And then, of course, a vinyl and an earbook.

earbook lp

You can’t exactly see it on the image, I tried my best to capture it, but the earbook has got some gorgeous metalized engravings! I seriously sat and stared at this for a good few minutes because of the beauty in this artwork. Unlike Sabaton’s earbook, I might actually need to have this one on display one day. So absolutely gorgeous I can’t even deal with it.

It’s been a long time waiting to get this box, but finally it’s home. Now I’m eagerly awaiting the tour – both with Powerwolf and their own headline.

// Sara

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