Anti-Anthem & That Song

A little bit after I finished my blog about the song “Anti-Anthem” from Sumo Cyco, they released their musicvideo. However, I figured I’d talk about it a bit later and now it’s time!

So, the video is… just as the song, very typical Cyco, yet toned down. It’s not exactly “Fighter” or “Crowd Control”, but it’s still.. very Cyco, if it makes sense? It’s focusing more on the band, which I think it’s a good thing seeing this IS a very energetic and entertaining band. Sever is just mad – all over the place. I love her.

“That Song” by Amaranthe. Well… I don’t know. I think it’s a bit because I don’t like the song too much, and that is why I can’t really enjoy the video to the max. It’s pretty nice – it’s nice to see Elize incorporating more dance to it, even if it’s not a lot. But aside that – the video does make sense with the song. But there is one thing that I’m a bit curios about, and this doesn’t go for only Amaranthe really – why do they record the videos overseas? Like, this is a Swedish band, why is the music video acting as if they were from the United States, with the roadsigns, dollars etc? This is something I will never understand with bands. But, it is well made, they will get some extra points for that.

// Sara

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