Perfect Illusion + That Song

So! One day, two releases! Funny enough, it’s Amaranthe and Lady Gaga that shares the releasedate, and their albums ALSO shares releasedate, to make it even better. I will start with Lady Gaga.

So finally, we got the music video which essentially consists of her driving to desertland and performs her song, I’m guessing for herself but in her head she feels the adrenaline from standing infront of a real crowd and illustrates that. The video, for me personally, gives me a stronger feeling that this song is about her relationship with fame. I like the video, I love how scaled down she is for this era. Down to basics. Love it.

So, now, onwards to Amaranthe and their brand new song “That Song“, which is the first single off their upcoming album “Maximalism”.

As they haven’t released a video, not even a lyricvideo sadly, so I’ll have to forward you to Spotify by pressing  here, where it’s orange.

So, about this song. I wasn’t too thrilled when hearing the little snippets, and sadly… It didn’t move me that much when hearing it. This sounds like something Lady Gaga, musically, could put out. They lost practically all metal elements to this song – makes me think a lot about the live version of “Bad Romance”.

Even for being Amaranthe, it surprises me how… different this one song is from everything else they’ve done, and I can’t at this moment decide if it’s a good thing or not. Even the vocals are a bit different – it was almost like hearing Rihanna sing an Amaranthe song. Cool, on one side to explore that Elize can do, but… The lyrics are pretty nice though – about not fitting in, being bashed because of the music and life choices you make – in this case, as in most cases – doing music, and eventually having all the people praising your music, that you’ve made a break through. It’s nice.

But I have to admit, after “MASSIVE ADDICTIVE” I was probably expecting a bit more – but – this is just the single, lets just hope the album is better than the single representing it.

// Sara

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