Alright. It’s been an hour or so since the news broke, and while I haven’t really managed to calm down in the slightest, I’ll try to make some sense out of this.

Today it was confirmed that Lordi is finally returning to Sweden.

It has been seven years since they last played a full headline show here in Sweden – can you imagine – they haven’t been here since DEADACHE TOUR. And now they are here.

When I saw it, it was like the whole world stopped. I started crying, hyperventilating and shrieking like a fire alarm, because my brain can’t comprehend the fact that Lordi is returning to Sweden. And it feels like… Finally. Sophie put it very well, when she told me that, I never gave up. We never gave up. We supported Lordi on every tour – we went to every imaginable country for them. I’ve been to France. To Germany. To Finland.

I went throught the nightmare trip that was Italy – I crashed my knee on the first night in Italy, and then went through the trip and the concerts jumping around on one leg, and then we got stranded in Gothenburg – it took us a total of 48 hours to get home, instead of seven. We’ve lived in an exorcist like hotelroom in Spain having nightmares all along, I’ve gone to the United Kingdom with the highest fever imaginable – all because of the love for this one little five piece monsterband from Finland. I’ve been to hell and back, and finally – they are coming home. After all this time, after all these tours, they are home. They are at home. I never gave up, and here is the pay off.

I love this band to the moon and back, and I look forward to seeing them at home, for once.

Welcome home, boys and girls.

// Sara

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