Akh of Eternity

Today I’m gonna give it up a bit for a close and long friend of mine’s band Ravensnight that just released a new single from their upcoming EP.

Ravensnight is a five piece power metal band from Zaragoza, Spain which was formed in 2014, and well, I guess we can all let the music talk for itself. It features Fran on vocals, Sergio & Mark on guitars, Jorge on drums and Oscar on bass. While still being fairly new, they have already booked gigs with legends as Rush, and an upcoming show with Wisdom.

I am not sure how many readers I have from Spain, but those of you who are, or happen to have the roads by Spain – make sure to check this guys out! They’ll be playing with Rage on October 14th in Zaragoza, and with Wisdom on December 3rd, same location.

Go support them! Like their Facebook, follow them on youtube and wait patiently with me for their upcoming release. I seriously can’t wait. In the meantime, check out some of their other songs:

// Sara

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