VIP In Hell

I can’t really comprehend that Sabaton Open Air is only like, two days away. It feels like forever it was announced Lordi would play, and it even feels like it was forever I bought the festival ticket, which was actually rather recent in fact. But here it is, two days away. It’s like four days until I see Lordi and Sabaton again, and three days until I will see Bloodbound. I haven’t quite grasped it yet. Probably because my head is already on the autumn tours like I told Elias on Skogsröjet.

But, despite that, I’ve already finished up the packing. Or at least most of it. Some last minute stuff that I use at home I’ll pack last minute, but aside that – all done. Which must be a RECORD for me as far as packing goes. Again – bless Sabaton and my tradition.

It’s going to be fun to go back to the festival. It’s been eight years since I was there last time – when it was still called Rockstad:Falun and was hosted in this small little garage somewhere in Falun. Sabaton had their releasegig for The Art of War that day I remember, and they recorded the show and burned up one of the microphones. It was a really good night actually – I saw bands as Billion Dollar Babies, Mystic Prophecy and Skyride as well. And funniest thing ever – Billion Dollar Babies plays this years fest too. It’s like a circle.

With that said, I’m going to bed. Early day tomorrow!

NP: VIP In Hell – Kissin’ Dynamite

// Sara

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