The Final Dance

Inspiration for life has been found again, which have left me being extremely productive. With the help of Pinky McSpin and “Lupus Dei” album by Powerwolf, I’ve found myself practically finalizing the packing for Sabaton Open Air – which is very, VERY unlike me. I’m usually doing it one hour after I’m supposed to have left. The only thing I need to sort out is what to wear on the day of Friday, but aside that – all is done. Bless my tradition of always wearing military pants and a Sabaton shirt for all the Sabaton shows. Bless that I’ve found a “nightwear” that I wear when it gets cold, and that I stick to it. Makes packing easier, and less decisions need to be made.

Little sunshine ray in everything is the arrival of “The Metal Mass”! Powerwolf’s DVD. I had to wait a little until after my birthday to order it, but it’s finally, finally here! I can’t wait to get into it, really. I’m usually not very big on DVD’s, but I guess it all becomes different when you really, really enjoy the show of said band.


Aside that, I’ve also done something I should have done long ago – finally picked up a white board. I laid in bed last night trying to organize my thoughts on what albums to come next and to remember to book tours and also thinking about how could I get something economic that I can keep notes on for tourdates and albums, without having to waste a lot – AHA, a whiteboard! Been spending a little time filling it out with upcoming releases that I can’t forget about as well as upcoming shows. It’s not that I don’t remember I’m going to a concert, it’s more of sorting our priorities – as well with the albums. To remember that Delain has to be written about before Serious Black, and vice versa, depending on when I get the albums of course. I’m really happy with it, finally!


So, hopefully, my head can finally get a bit of rest. Speaking of rest, I’m now going to shut down, wind down with some lazy packing for Sabaton and watch a movie or something before getting ready for tomorrow.

// Sara

One Response to “The Final Dance”

  1. That’s a good way of organizing yourself. I only have one pair of military coloured pants but I would like another pair that’s camo.

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