Skogsröjet 2016: Friday, August 5th, Rejmyre, Sweden

So, after a few ifs and buts I decided, very last minute, to go to Skogsröjet on Friday morning despite previously planned on Thursday evening. Regardless, of course, later than planned as always, I got on the road towards Rejmyre, or well, Röjmyre as it’s called nowadays. It’s a fairly short drive to be honest – at least compared to Sweden Rock – it takes about an hour and a half down from where I live to the festival area.

I was getting a little stressed since I really, really wanted to make it to this band called Haunted by Destiny who played at 11:45, but gladly I saw on my clock I’d arrive about 30 minutes prior, which would be enough to arrive at the stage just in time, despite having to get my bracelet and all.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Jokes on me. When I get to Rejmyre, and pay for the parking they tell me to keep driving quite a bit and I wind up on a parking site in the middle of nowhere. Well, as much as nowhere can be in a little town like Rejmyre. The parking guard told me there’d be a bus going at 11.40 to the are. Well shit.

I waited for the bus since I didn’t wanna take any chances, and to my delight, once at the area, the line for wristbands were short, and no line into the area, so gladly, I didn’t miss a whole lot.

Haunted by Destiny

Haunted by Destiny is a local band (I guess we can call it that? Norrköping?), melodic metal I’d say to make it easy for myself. They delivered a very good and energetic set, I was not disappointed! It was well worth coming out early to see.

160805hauntedbydestinyrojetrejmyre2 160805hauntedbydestinyrojetrejmyre1

Right after their show I went for the merch to pick up their album before heading back to the parkinglot to start getting my stuff out. That’s when someone jumps me from behind.

I guess most of you guys know me – I’m not easily scared so I really just inhaled and looked behind me because in all honesty, there’s only so many people who could actually be doing this. Of course, it was my dear friend Robert saying hi in the manner that he and I say hi to each other – by jumping each other.

He then proceeded to pick up me up and run away with me with the words “No time to explain, Ztringtroza starts now!”, and I can honestly say – as someone who keeps a low profile at festivals and don’t party, this must be one of the most random things to ever happen. At least this early at a festival. I explained to him I had to go and set up my tent and he says “So why are you still here?” Seriously. I love this guy.

I got on the bus back to the parking, which was easier said than done since apparently the bus company and Skogsröjet had some communication problems or so – Skogsröjet said the buses would circulate, the bus got confused as to where I wanted to go. Like ok. Eventually, like, 45 minutes later I managed to get back, and this time, since I had a lot of time, I would try to walk. With the luggage, it took maybe 15 minutes – mind you, with packing. So that was a relief. Spent the next hour or so to walk between the camping and the parking lot, setting up everything. And then, I changed my clothing and went back to the area to enjoy what was left of The Hooters.


The Dead Daisies 

Right after The Hooters, I headed over to the smaller stage to catch The Dead Daisies. In case you’ve missed it – The Dead Daises are essentially one of those supergroups, I guess you could call them. I have been listening a little bit to them prior to the festival, so I looked forward to see them.

And they delivered! Sadly, it seems to me either it was a bit of a boring crowd or they were too starstruck or something, because yeah, not the best reception. BUT – the band put on a good show!

160805deaddaisiesrojetrejmyre2 160805deaddaisiesrojetrejmyre1

Freedom Call

After the Dead Daisies I went and bought food and made my way over to Bandit stage again… With a bit of a heavy heart – in all honesty. The 69 Eyes were supposed to be playing, they were more or less the band I actually went to this festival for (aside always going here, hehe) so I was.. yeah I can’t deny it, I was really bummed. But, with my hamburger as a good company I figured I’d at least check this band out, seeing a lot of my friends likes or at least have talked about this band.

And I was not, I Was NOT disappointed, not in the slightest. I really, really enjoyed the set, and I salute the singer for making me feel less alone with my wasp problem (seriously, they were creeping on my face) so, I was really, really glad they came. It, in the end, was a very good replacement.


Right after Freedom Call I headed back to the camp to first and foremost get changed, and then secondly pick up the last few things from the car before hurrying back to the area to catch Kamelot


So Kamelot! It’s a band I’ve been meaning to check out for the longest of time but never really done so until very recently before this festival. I’ve heard the stuff Elize Ryd has done with them, obviously, but aside that not a lot. I did however figure I could expect a lot from them – and seriously, I was not disappointed!


The lightshow! It’s probably, for Kamelot fans or people who’ve seen them a lot, not anything special, but I love these kind of bands, like Kamelot, that has a thoroughly worked through set and show. They don’t just get up there and play, but actually makes it a SHOW. Some bands could learn from it! And Kobra absolutely slayed it on stage. I’ve gotten myself  a new love in her.



I left Kamelot a little, little early in order to not miss a single second of one of my favorite bands – Hardcore Superstar. As you all know, they play pretty much every year at Skogsröjet, and I really hope Skogsröjet keep on booking them every year, as it’s always pleasant to know that “no matter what band plays, you will always have Hardcore Superstar there”.

As usual, I mean, nothing can literally go wrong with Hardcore Superstar. They are a superdedicated and energetic band, and just watching them fills you with adrenaline. It was a pretty average show in a way – no real surprises songwise, but still amazing. It was also good to see Angelina be on stage again and get to be one of the first customers on Hardcore Superbar… And when they played “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays”, and you just feel the adrenaline starts going up, as you are all getting ready for that very last chorus…. Just as it’s about to come…

The electricity is cut. 

Some confetti blew out, the stage went completely silent, but the crowd kept on singing, at least the full chorus. The band stood like frozen on stage, and it was like someone just paused everything. It was the most anticlimactic moment I’ve ever been to at a show. That timing of the powercut, it’s priceless! Jocke asked us to wait, so we did, and after fibbling a lot with the electricity, they came back and finished the set with “Moonshine” and “Above the Law”.


Seriously though. Something that got me, is that most of the crowd stay. I won’t hold it against the people who left – as W.A.S.P was starting on the other stage, but most of the crowd actually stayed. It’s the love and dedication for a band that keeps up. It’s beautiful to see.


So, after HCSS I headed over to see one of those bands I’ve seen so many times, or well, many times without actually trying perhaps I should say. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna stay all of W.A.S.P, since I’ve never been that big of a fan of them, and my legs were extremely sore from all the walking, but, I wound up staying all the while.

It was a decent show. It was… pretty much what once can expect from W.A.S.P actually – it was good, but yeah. Something is lacking, but I don’t know what it is.

After W.A.S.P, I found my way back to the camping and fell asleep to the tones of the orchestral versions of Powerwolf songs, getting ready for the second and last day of the festival.

// SAra

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