PART TWO: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland 1-3/7

So, I came to the hotel. And tried the code. It didn’t work. Why? Because I’m stupid, you know. I repeatedly entered the wrong code, so I had to call Nathan to come down and pick me up. However, while  I was waiting this adorable couple came and let me in, so I called the elevator and when the doors open… A wild Nathan appears!

Firstly, he had a HEARTATTACK seeing me already inside. And then, it was hugging party. Like, I felt like I was about to squeeze the life out of him, that is exactly how much I’ve missed this guy! And DAMN! GUY’S GOT A BEARD NOW! I was like WHOA, Nathan just aged a lot!


We also took the moment to alert Sophie on Snap that we had found each other and we were alive and safe and sound.

So, we went back up to the hotel where I took a shower and started getting ready for the show, while Nathan and I were catching up. I had a hard time deciding on what to wear, since the weather was you know, pretty nice so my long sleeved bodysuit sort of wouldn’t do it. I eventually settled and also brought my Korpiklaani tank in case of heat or something.

After that, we headed over to the legendary McDonalds we always eat at while in Helsinki, or well, it was Nathan’s first time really, but you get the point. We caught up even more and you know… sitting there. With someone you see so rarely, but you love so much, being able to really TALK about Lordi… that is something else. With someone who also knows like everything, if not more than you do, who knows about every single little person so you don’t have to explain anything… just talk. That was beyond nice.

So, after this began the long ride to try to get to Tuska. At first we were a bit unsure where to go, what subway to take, but eventually we worked it all out. I was starting to get a wee bit stressed – I really wanted to catch Delain, or at least most of it, so yeah, hurry hurry!


Once we got to Suvilahti we were like “and now what?” but as always when you’re at a gig at an unfamiliar place – FOLLOW THE METALHEADS! We found one in particular we started stalking, joking a bit about how creepy we must be. But thanks to that, we made it to the festival. And of course, right when Delain was playing my favorite song “Here Come the Vultures”. I was hoping that maybe we’d get in before the song is over, but I tell you this shit:

The moment we were on the other side of the gates, Charlotte did the last “I’m in it for the beat” and done. And I was like “Of fucking course. Why not”. So, instead, we headed immediately for Lordi’s stage, securing some front row spots on Amen’s side of the stage, very much on the side, but we figured it’d work out later. Nathan stayed put to watch the spot, and I did my little tour to say hello to some of my friends – starting with Marianne from France and Saana from Turku. After catching up with them, I went to Delain’s stage, after all, looking for Sophie and the rest of the French people.

At first I found Lea, Nicolas and Nicolas, and once I had found them I also found Sophie a few rows ahead of them and… again, HUGPARTY DELUXE. Like, squeezing the life out of someone deluxe. We enjoyed the last one or two songs together of Delain before heading back to Lordi’s stage. Sophie decided to remain with us on Amen’s side while Lea and the Nicolaus’s went to Marianne.

So, this led up to the amazing moment where I got to introduce Nathan to Sophie. It was majestic, and naturally, the first thing we start bonding over is Lordi. And catching up on everything. Literally everything. Soon enough, Swallow the Sun started, the band performing before Lordi and…


It was a snoozefest. The first thing Nathan said after the show was “Wasn’t that just the longest thing ever? And the songs… were soo long?” and yes, yes they freaking were. I’m usually not bored with bands, but I’m sorry, I really could not enjoy this. What I could, however enjoy, was what was about to get on stage next.


// Sara

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