PART ONE: Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland 1-3/7 2016

Oh wow. This has had a long time coming, I’m sorry about that! The reasons are 1) I forgot my powerchord to the computer at home, and 2) I’ve been working 12 hours a day, I haven’t really had the chance to properly sit down, and it will probably take some time before I actually get this done as well. But we take it day by day, alright?

So. Sick as a hell, it was finally time for me to head back to Suomiland, and for me to attend a new festival for the first time – Tuska Open Air. However, my travelplan looked a bit different this time around. As you know, I usually fly, but I figured this time it was time to try something new – and hence booked a ferry with a cabin in it where I could stay. Said and done. Around 14 o clock I left my home in Karlstad for what would probably become the longest trip of my life. Or well you know.. I guess going to Australia was technically longer, but it didn’t feel that way.


First, I got to Örebro where I had a train change to keep on onwards Stockholm. Once in Stockholm, I managed to get to the docks after a few ifs and buts and a few rages later. And it was so weird. To see the big ship, you know. And going through and boarding it was the weirdest thing I have ever done, seriously. But I liked it. I really did. I had a very very cheap cabin (The point was to make it as cheap as possible) so I had no poweroutlet or anything, which was interseting.


I went on top deck for departure and I must admit, I was feeling like a little child on Christmas when the ship left coast and we took off toward Turku. Like, I’M ON A SHIP!




After a while, when it started to get late, I headed down a few floors to reconnect with Nathan who had just landed in Helsinki trying to find our hotel, and once that was done I took a shower and went to bed, probably a bit later than I would have wished.



At 6 am sharp the alarm I ordered from the boat rang and it was.. well, heavy to get up really. I don’t like going up early, especially not after not sleeping properly. But yeah. I got up, packed my stuff and much to my happiness, there were barely any people at all in the lobby, which made getting off the cruise fairly easy. Once in Turku, I made it to the busstop and then to the busstation. I was sitting at Turku’s busstation snapping Sophie being like “I’m almost there!”. Seriously. This is by far the longest it has ever taken me to get to Helsinki.


So… My bus arrived. I got on it. I tried to sleep, and I guess I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up it was about 20 or 30 minutes left ’til Kamppi busstop and you know… You all know how much I love Helsinki, right? So stepping out of the bus in Kamppi.. I’m home. I’m just home.

And then, I walked toward Lonnrotinkatu (Yrjonkatu was sold out this time) to attend the reunion of the century.


// Sara

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