Ain’t No Good

First thing we did this morning, after sleeping in and some small issues, was to get our own set of New Zealand wheels. Our New Zealand wheels is a silver colored Hyundai called ELD, or, Fire, in English.


After a late breakfast and some mishaps with the receptionclerk here at the hotel, we finally got on the road, heading down towards Piha, and firstly – Karekare.

And the road down to Karekare… was the fucking road from hell. Roads were narrow as fucking HELL, and not only was the roads super narrow, oh no, on the other side, the passenger side of the car, there was a fucking scarp / cliff, which probably was a a kilometer or two or three deep. Fucking hell. I had my heart up my troath the entire trip down and I even got nauseous thinking about how close death we were. Because, they do not, I repeat, THEY DO NOT have fences to protect your from falling… Every time we got a car from the other side.. Say your prayers…

But, it was all worth it once we got down. First we went to visit the black sand Karekare Beach, climbed a mountain and I ripped another wound on my leg. Seriously, this beach.. So beautiful. We got back to the car, looked at the map and walked the 250 metres up the road to reach the Karekare Falls.. And my lord what a sight. I’ve never before, believe it or not, ever seen a waterfall before in my life so this was sort of massive.

DSC_1054DSC_1058 DSC_1070 DSC_1077 DSC_1099

Got myself a really nice cut while climbing. Always me.

After this, we headed down towards Piha Beach, but stopped a little bit before to embark on the Kitekite walk track, which would eventually lead us up to the Kitekite Falls. It was a long but rather nice track, we were probably a bit unprepared, but we had a view to die for when we stopped halfway to drink a bit.


After drinkpause we continued up the hill and finally came to the amazing falls. Seriously, it was BREATHTAKING. We embarked on the Connection Track and made the way up on top of the waterfall. Seriously, I can’t tell you about the calmness and beauty that was to be found in this, but seriously…



We went back on the Connection Track, found ourselves back to KiteKite and finished off the KiteKite track before we decided it was a good idea to head home… Not just yet! First, we were off to Piha beach to check another black sand beach.



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