Today I finally got around to re-installing The Sims 4, and it was also at this time I had to understand and come to the realization that Anna Arendelle is no more. It makes me heartbroken on one hand, because once I re-installed The Sims 4 I found saves folders that were nowhere to be found on our back up, so I just simply had to suck it up and live with it.

So, with that said, it’s time to introduce a new girl in town. Her name is Aria Cavanaugh, named after Aria Montgomery and Toby Cavanaugh from “Pretty Little Liars”.


So this is Aria. She lives in Willow Creek, and her life goal is to learn all skills possible. This differs a bit from Anna, whose life goal was to be as rich and wealthy as possible. Anna’s main personality trait is being a fast learner, and the following are genius, creative and ambitious. I was thinking a bit between Genius and Good, but I figured Genius is better in case I wanna get into the bad career paths.

She’s currently living in a two room house, just starting off her first job in culinary. I think I’ll make her a bartender, but I haven’t decided just yet. I guess I have to look into which one has the better perks, unlocking items that is. She’s going to have a few on and off careers for a while, in order to build up her skill “database” to get her SOMEWHERE…

It’s always rough to start over from the start with a new family when you went so far with your previous one. Giving up on The Cullens in The Sims 3 was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, after all I worked through with them and how far they had gotten. They earned one million § alone on Mondays, and that kind of success doesn’t come from nowhere. Carlisle earned about 2000§ an hour.  So yeah. Starting over is hard, but you need to do it eventually.

// Sara

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