Out of the Woods

So, I started out this morning by going back to work. And seriously, I can honestly say that it’s because of my job I’ve developed a fear of the dark. And I must admit, I wasn’t too keen on putting on Powerwolf because of last times incident with the traffic info, but my computer has eaten up my Taylor Swift CD and Attilas voice is strangely calming in the woods.

But you know, it was like a poor horror movies. It’s windy as fuck, raining, slippery, surprise things jumping up right in front of you. Good thing for me that I don’t panic easily.

The night on the other hand, I spent with Nathalie. I don’t see this girl too often, despite her living rather near. We spent the night talking, catching up on everything, eating so much candy and crisps we almost fell ill, drinking cola ’til the end of the day while watching Rob Zombie’s remake of “Halloween”, “Easy A” and the another movie I never caught the title on because we didn’t really watch it.

It was a great night. I really have to make sure I spend more time with her, which shouldn’t be too hard.

// Sara

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