Welcome to New York

So today, taken a little out of nowhere, Emelie and I headed to the movies. I had two movie tickets that expired TODAY that I got several years ago when I worked as Elsa at the theaters, but I had simply forgotten about.

First we set off to Spicy Hot downtown for some quick dinner and catching up sessions. Even though I speak to Emelie on a daily basis, I rarely see her these days. I missed her sooo much. After this, movie time.

We had a hard time choosing movie at first, but eventually settled for “The Fifth Wave” despite not having read the book(s)(?) before, which is a bit unlikely us.

Well, since it’s a cinema-movie right now I don’t really wanna get too much into it, what it was about since some people might have yet to see it and don’t want it spoiled, but I liked it a lot. Sadly, it was a bit too obvious, like, I figured out who was the bad guy on the very moment they appeared, and despite now knowing anything about this, I could literally sit and tell Emelie what was gonna happen. So I guess that’s a minus. But aside that, I really enjoyed it and I think we made the right choice on film.

// Sara

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