Pour Some Sugar On Me

Sunday is Funday, and most of this day has been spent sleeping and then spending the night at Jennie’s. Haven’t seen her in like FORVER, so it was good catching up with her again.

I’m still a bit stuck in my post-concert-depression, I mean… I can’t say any harm would have been done by having a few extra gigs with some of the most important men in my life, but what can one do? It’s really hard to comprehend that in like, a month from now, we’ll be heading over to the UK for Sabaton tour, and then we’re off to Australia. It’s such a weird feeling, and I can’t really… grasp it just yet.

The only thing I know for sure it’s that it’ll be fucking amazing, that’s for sure. Now we just need to get all the final shit together. And that is a task harder than any, actually…

// Sara

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